III Tournament IM Celso Sánchez Pouso And VII Anniversary Fedapven-ICCF

Tuesday, October 22, 2019: Announcement



Reply to: cesarreyesm@yahoo.es


Registration by Participant: 13 USD + Commission via PayPal (cesarreyesm@yahoo.es).


Platform of game: ICCF Webserver

International Open in 6 categories (rating list 2020-1)

Valid for International Rating and Title Norms: GM, SIM, IM, CCM and CCE
Organizer: Postal Chess Federation of Venezuela FEDAPVEN
Time control: Triple Block (400)
Start date:  January 15, 2020


- 50 USD to winner of each section in group A.

- 40 USD to winner of each section in group B.

- 30 USD to winner of each section in group C.
- 25 USD to winner of each section in group E.

- 20 USD to winner of each section in group F.

- 15 USD to winner of each section in group G.

TO: IM César Jesús Reyes Maldonado (VEN)
TD: IA Juan Martello (ARG)

Group A

11-13 Players
Cat.: 5 to 8 (2351-2450)

Group B

11-13 Players
Cat.: 1 to 4 (2251-2350)

Group C

11-13 Players
Cat.: I to L (2151-2250)

Group D

11-13 Players
Cat.: E to H (2051-2150)

Group E

9-11 Players
Cat.: A to D (1951-2050)

Group F

9-11 Players
Cat.: Under 1951


Important Notes (N):


N1.- NUMBER OF TICKETS PER PLAYER: Any Player You can register more than once in your Group, up to a maximum of the sections that can be structured in that Group, until the closing date of registrations.


N2.- REGISTRATION CLOSURE: December 28 for Tournaments that are complete with their maximum number of Participants.


N3.- UPLOAD TO THE WEB SERVER ICCF: Between December 29 and January 1 the tournaments that are complete with their maximum of Participants.


N4.- EXTENSION OF REGISTRATION: From December 29, until completing the Maximum or Minimum of Participants per Tournament, which will be uploaded immediately to the ICCF web server in what is completed.


N5.- TOURNAMENT MANAGEMENT: In each Group, the List of Tournament Participants will maintain the maximum possible balance between each other, both in Average Rating and in number of countries. The exception to this rule will be the Extra Tournaments that are put together after December 28, to complete their maximum or minimum of participants with new registrations and with players registered more than once in the Group.


N6.- EXCEPTIONS IN RATING: Entries of Chess Players with Rating above or below that required by the Group will be allowed, as long as the final average of its participants maintains the Category to which it corresponds. This is applicable only for tournaments, which registration takes place after December 28. The purpose is to complete the maximum or minimum number of participants for Tournament.


IM César Jesús Reyes Maldonado

E-mail: cesarreyesm@yahoo.es



IM/ML CÉSAR REYES MALDONADO / Director Promodeportes César Reyes C.A.


Maestro Internacional ICCF / Maestro Latinoamericano de Ajedrez Por Correspondencia

Director de Torneos ICCF Nivel 2 / Bi-Campeón Nacional y Delegado de Venezuela en ICCF y Zona Mundial del Ajedrez Postal

Directivo Fundación Ajedrez Venezuela / Coordinador Academia Nacional de Ajedrez-Zulia.


Presidente Asociación de Dominó del Estado Zulia ASODOZU.



Periodista Aipet 1869/ PNI Minci 23615/ Facebook-Twitter-Instagram: @promo_deportes / Cel-WS: 0426-9621419 y 0424-6855450


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