Server Downtime

Saturday, September 21, 2019: Update

Dear friends,

We have now resolved the DNS issue which was preventing players from accessing the ICCF website; this was caused by a configuration error whilst transferring the domain between registrars. It may take another hour or two for the fix to reach everyone, however the website should now once again be live and accessible.

My colleague, The Tournament Director Committee Chair, Valer-Eugen Demian will be issuing guidance to all tournament directors for handling claims arising from this interruption to service; I ask that TDs wait for the official guidance from Eugen before acting on any claims.

Once again, I apologise sincerely for this interruption to your games. I also apologise to anyone who has emailed me personally about this issue, unfortunately I have been unable to respond to all these emails personally, however I hope that this announcement has given you the information you need.

Best wishes,

Austin Lockwood, ICCF Services Director

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