World Cup 22 Semi-Finals

Tuesday, September 10, 2019: have started

A few days ago the NBC, on behalf of Jörg Kracht, put the Semi-Finals of the 22nd World Cup on the ICCF webserver. These comprise 128 numbers 1 and 2 from the Preliminary rounds, 1 from a previous ICCF Cup and 6 best numbers 3. This makes 135 participants in total spread over 9 groups of 15 participants. 

Many title holders: 109 (!) including:: 1 GM, 2 LGM, 9 SIM, 14 IM, 60 CCM and 23 CCE.  For many participants a new and/or higher title is certainly possible.  

Thanks to my countryman Jan Bart van Daatselaar for the tremendous help with the organisation and groupings. We wish everyone good luck. 


Joop Jansen, 

TO / Delegate of the Netherlands


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