Executive Board and Auditor Election Results and Announcement of the Second Round of Voting for World Tournament Director.

Monday, August 19, 2019: Results of Elections

The following votes were cast in the EB and Auditor election.

  • President: Eric Ruch 40 votes (elected)
  • General Secretary: Michael Millstone 40 votes (elected)
  • Finance Director: Jan Vosselman 43 votes (elected)
  • Marketing Director: Russell Sherwood 40 votes (elected)
  • Services Director: Austin Lockwood 44 votes (elected)


World Tournament Director

  • Jason Bokar: 22 votes
  • Frank Geider: 23 votes
  • Everdinand Knol: 1 vote (withdrawn)
  • Olli Ylönen: 1 vote


No candidate attracted more than 50% of the votes cast, therefore the second round of voting will be conducted according to the voting regulations. Everdinand Knol has withdrawn from the election.


  • Ferdinand Burmeister: 12 votes
  • Paul Scott 23 votes (elected)


Second Round of Voting for the World Tournament Director

Delegates not currently attending Congress should now send their second-round vote for World Tournament Director. Please send your vote to the election scrutineer, Richard Hall rvmhall@aol.com, with a copy to the ICCF Auditor, Paul Scott paul.scott@gmx.co.uk, indicating your preference for one of the following three candidates:

  • Jason Bokar (USA)
  • Frank Geider (FRA)
  • Olli Ylönen (FIN)


The e-mail should arrive before noon (Lithuanian time, GMT +2) on Wednesday 21st August. Delegates attending Congress will have the chance to vote at Congress.

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