Champions League 8 Unattached Players

Saturday, July 20, 2019: Update #5

Updated unattached CL8 Players

If a player is looking for a team feel free to contact me at leanthinker@hotmail.co.uk.

Should the player have specific conditions then this is indicated by "Yes" in the conditions box.

If you find a team in the meantime please let me know to remove you from the list.


Players may be contacted via the ICCF Messaging system or via myself in the first instance


No Name Title Fed Rating Conditions
930270 Tonu Talpak SIM EST 2455 Yes
159028 Soren Ottesen IM DEN 2403 No
421428 Robert Szymanski IM POL 2377 No
810163 Paul Keevil CCM WLS 2335 Yes
10574 Andreas Jedinger   AUT 2227 No
Saevich, Yury Vladimirovich
  BLR 2227 No
142303 Abdulmanov, Eduard Nafikhovich   RUS 2205 No
620704 Colin Beveridge   SCO 2210 No
930307 Helger Helemae   EST 2185 No
511903 Michael G Hayes   USA 2175 No
884012 Emmanual Quanzaah   GHA 2174 Yes
440353 Valer-Eugen Demian IM CAN 2158 No
510792 Lester Weiss CCE USA 2134 No
514151 Aaron J Anderson   USA 2121 Yes
862003 Bogoljub Tervoski   MKD 2059 No
210729 Derek Coope   SCO 1837 No
280197 Mihir Naniwadekar   IND 1657 No
83122 Rainer, Gunther   GER 1479 No
86813 Hans Joachim Wiesbrock   GER 1386 No


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