Current Rating Period ends at 31/05/2019

Friday, May 31, 2019: Tournament Directors are asked to complete the registration of results in postal and email tournaments.


At 31/05/2019 the evaluation period for the ratinglist 2019/3 ends. For the new ratings, valid from 01/07/2019 till 30/09/2019, results of all those games are considered which ended between 01/03/2019 and 31/05/2019. The new ratings will be available from 15/06/2019 on the webserver.

Tournament Directors of postal and email tournaments are urgently asked to complete the registration of all results which were reported to them till 31/05/2019. For a few days they have still the possibility to assign results to the list 2019/3. Those results must be inserted with Result date “05/31/2019”. Simultaneously you may also register dayly those results which are received after the deadline. For these results keep the result date of report, as usual. They will not be included into the current calculation.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Gerhard Binder

ICCF Ratings Commissioner


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