Delegate Sponsorship Scheme

Sunday, February 17, 2019: Please note this solicitation for nominees and also to check the accuracy of my delegate e-mail distribution list.

Delegates - it has come to my attention that some of you may not have received an e-mail regarding this sponsorship program.  To check the accuracy of my distribution list, please let me know if you did not receive this message.  If so, I will update your e-mail address as needed.
Dear ICCF Delegates and Officials,
In accordance with the Financial Regulations (01.01.2019), Appendix G 
the ICCF Executive Board is seeking nominations for eligible member federations delegates.  
Please submit any nominations and justification to the ICCF President, Eric Ruch. 
with a copy to the General Secretary, Michael Millstone 
no later than 01.03.2019.
Thank you,
Michael Millstone
ICCF General Secretary


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