3rd Inter-Zonal Individual Tournament

Saturday, June 9, 2018: has been uploaded!

3rd Inter-Zonal Individual Tournament:


The 3rd Inter-Zonal Individual Tournament (3rd IZIT) has been uploaded to the ICCF web-server.


The Tournament is using the “Triple Block” system for a 750 day event to ensure that each round finishes before the next round commences.


Official Start Date: 16th June 2018


12 Groups with 9 Players in each Group (Total 108 Players)


All Groups are a Category 2 Event with an Average Rating of 2283


The top 3 finishers in each group will qualify for the 3rd Inter-Zonal Individual Semi-Finals with a proposed start date in Q3 of 2020


With kind regards


Peter S Maylott (IA)

Tournament Organizer

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