New Processes for Tournament Registration

Thursday, April 12, 2018: On 19th April 2018, the ICCF webserver will be updated. This update will include significant changes in the way that registrations for events shown on the “New Events” page are processed.

These changes were approved by the 2017 ICCF Congress in Bulgaria (Proposal 2017-031).

Information for Players

The process for entering tournaments via Direct Entry is largely unchanged – you will still register for new events via the “New Events” page; however, you will find that the process will be much more streamlined, and you will be given much more information about your registration as it progresses.

You will be able to view all your current tournament registrations from the “My registrations” menu (under “Playing”).

The process for entering ICCF tournaments via your national federation has changed slightly if you previously contacted an official of your federation directly.  Instead of entering by email to your federation representative, you should now enter through the “New Events” page and select “National Federation Entry”; this will be confirmed by your federation and the tournament organiser before the entry is accepted.

Information for National Federation Officials

National federation entries to ICCF events should now be processed through the server; please do not contact tournament organisers directly with federation entries.

When a player registers for an event via his or her national federation, you will be sent an email asking you to accept or decline the entry; if you accept the entry it will then be forwarded to the tournament organiser for final confirmation.

You should not notice any changes in the way that direct entries are processed, however please note that these will now be processed by the tournament organisers, rather then by the DE Commissioner.

Information for Tournament Organisers

There are several changes to the way that you will need to set up new ICCF events:

  • Please note that “dummy” events are no longer supported; new ICCF tournaments should now be set up as multi-group events.  We will help you to convert your current events to MGEs.
  • It should no longer be necessary to hold your own records about registrations – all registrations for ICCF events are now stored on the server.  When you add players to an event, you should add them from the events registration list.
  • Qualifications for ICCF events will no longer be checked by the Direct Entry Commissioner, this is your responsibility.  Once payment for an entry is confirmed, you will be sent an email asking you to confirm or reject the entry.  The following conditions do not need to be checked as server will not allow these entries:
    • Entries by suspended players
    • Entries to ladies only tournaments where the player is not a lady
    • Entries to zonal tournaments where the player is not attached to the zone
    • Entries to age specific tournament where the player’s date of birth is outside the defined acceptable range.
  • The server will not check entries for tournaments with ratings restrictions or where previous qualifications are required; you should check these carefully before accepting an entry.


Please contact the helpdesk for any technical enquiries regarding the new processes.

Austin Lockwood

ICCF Services Director

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