New ICCF Rules Document

Wednesday, December 27, 2017: .

Effective 1/1/2018, there is a single ICCF rules document where there had been 8.  The 3 Playing Rule documents, the 2 TD Manuals, the Tournament Rules, the TO Manual, and the Code of Conduct have all been combined.  In the new document, the rules have been organized within clearly labeled sections, instead of being spread across different documents.  The sections are labeled in the following way:
(1) Overview of the ICCF
(2) For Players
(3) Directing events:  Instructions for TDs
(4) Organizing ICCF events:  Instructions for TOs
(5) Instructions for Team Captains
(6) Instructions for ICCF Adjudicators
(7) The Tournament Director Committee (TDC)
(8) Appendix 1: Working Rules of the Ratings System 
(9) Appendix 2: International Correspondence Chess Title Regulations  
The intention is that any user can most readily find the section of interest based on that person's role at the time; whether player, TD, TO, TC, adjudicator, or TDC member.  The Table of Contents, on pages 2-9, can be used to help you find the specific detail you wish to know within any section.  The document can also be searched in the usual way if that is preferred.
Dennis Doren, Rules Commissioner

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