Copa Perú IV honoring Alfredo Cillóniz

Tuesday, December 19, 2017: Tournament Announcement

The peruvian Correspondence Chess League (LIPEAD) is pleased to announce the Copa Perú IV honoring SIM Alfredo Cillóniz. This event will be played in 3 stages. Prize fund of 1,000 euros to the winner of the Final.

Tournament description


Start date 2/28/2018

Entries close on 2/21/2018

ICCF rated event, groups of 7 players. Group winner advances to Semifinals. No tie break in Preliminaries. Standard ICCF rules and Time Control of 10/50 with duplication after 20 days. Entry fee 7 euros (8.5 US dollars). Multiple entries allowed.


Start date 2020

Entries open until groups are completed

ICCF event with norms, group of 11-17 players depending on number of entries. Winner only advances to Final. ICCF tiebreak rules apply. If necessary, player with higher rating will advance. Standard ICCF rules and Time Control of 10/50 with duplication after 20 days. Entry fee 15 euros (18 US dollars). No more than 2 entries per player in the Semifinals will be allowed. Players rated 2200 or higher may register in the Semifinals directly.

How to register?

We recommend that players register with their national federation, we accept NF entries. Their federation may charge a higher amount because they must cover transaction, conversion and other fees. Players may also send the entry fee directly to us using our online store here (Paypal and credit card payments accepted):



There will not be Direct Entry for this tournament, to keep entry fees as low as possible and still be able to pay announced cash prize to the winner.


Alfredo Cillóniz 1939-2015

The most prolific and successful peruvian correspondence chess player with 1,464 finished games and winner of 4 national championships. Achieved the titles of IM and SIM in 2001 and 2002 respectively. His highest rating was 2531 in 2004. President of our National League in 2010, Captain of many peruvian national teams including the winner of the 10th Panamerican Team Championship. He left us in 2015 but will always remain in our hearts.


Gino Figlio

ICCF Delegate for Perú

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