SIM and IA Carlos Flores Gutiérrez (1933-2017)

Sunday, December 17, 2017: †

On December 15 we received very sad news, our chess friend Carlos Flores Gutiérrez had passed away.

We knew he was fighting a painful illness with the support and dedication of his family for a long time, but still felt his warm presence behind us. Always willing to help, and with his sevillian sense of humour, he taught us the ins and outs of the AEAC and ICCF.

Carlos was a prominent figure and had a faultless trajectory in all of the facets of correspondence chess. He was a strong player, and became IM on 1998 and SIM on 2002. He also was a reputed TD and received the IA title on 1994. On the other side, he was federative leader for many years in the Spanish correspondence chess league, one of the AEAC founders and also Treasurer, leading to his recognition as Honorary Member of the AEAC. Carlos expanded his job as federative leader to the ICCF an became Finance Director of the ICCF for many years. His tireless efforts for correspondence chess were rewarded in 2014 when he was named Honorary Member of the ICCF. One of his last projects in correspondence chess was the organization of the 2007 Benalmádena ICCF Congress, remembered by the lucky attendees as a wonderful experience.

When Carlos died we not only lost a keen chess player, a reputed IA and a tireless worker, we lost a living expression of the “Amici Sumus” motto.

The AEAC has already begun the organization of the Carlos Flores Gutiérrez Memorial to honor him as he deserves. The start date will be in the late spring and the details will be published in the next few months.


Valentín Costa Trillo

ICCF Delegate for Spain

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