FINJUB-55 Jubilee

Saturday, July 22, 2017: Announcement

FINJUB-55 Jubilee

In celebration of its 55-year anniversary The Finnish Correspondence Chess
Federation is organizing an International Open Tournament. The event will be
played in three stages: Preliminaries, Semifinals and Final; webserver mode
Registration is now open for the Preliminary stage. Deadline for registration
to the Preliminaries is October 15th, 2017.

1- Preliminaries

This stage will start on November 1st, 2017. Groups will be composed by 7
players, time control will be 10/40 and there will be 45 days of leave per year.
The winner of each group will advance to the Semifinals, ties are broken by the
Baumbach tie-breaking rule. Conditional moves will be allowed as well as live
display with a 5-move delay.
Entry fee for the Preliminary stage will be 12 euros. There is no restrictions
on how many groups a player can enter, although a player can only qualify to
two semifinal groups.

Entries may be paid by Paypal (olavi.riikonen@elisanet.fi) or by EU-payment
(IBAN: FI20 2065 1800 0794 65), to The Finnish Correspondence Chess Federation.

Link to payment page:.


2- Semifinals

To be started soon after the qualifiers from the Preliminaries are determined.
Winners of preliminary groups need not pay more entry fees, neither for the
Semifinals nor for a possible Final. Players with an ICCF rating equal to, or
greater than, 2300 at the time of the Semifinal announcement will be allowed
direct entry to the Semifinals upon payment of an entry fee. The entry for
these players will be 12 euros. Semifinal groups will consist of 11-13 players. Time control will be 10/50.
Winners of each semifinal group and perhaps a few runner-ups will advance to
the final stage. No player will be allowed to enter more than two Semifinal

3- Final

The Final tournament will start soon after the qualifiers from the semifinals
are determined. The Final will consist of 13-17 players.
The top 3 players in the Final will receive medals and cash prizes. 400 - 200 - 100 euros.
Prizes will be paid out within 2 weeks after the top 3 players are determined.
Prizes will be paid by Paypal, EU-payment or Bank transfer. Delivery and
currency conversion costs will be subtracted from the prize amount.
Do not delay registration for this special event and contact us now!

Preliminary Stage
1 group for 12 euros.

Questions of preliminaries or tournament rules, or if you like to receive a confirmation email of your entry -drop a note to:

Tournament Organizer
Olli Ylönen, email:

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