GER-Pirs, Germany-Schachschule Pirs

TD Glaser, Karel (IA)
Scheiba, Manfred
WhiteBlackWhiteBlackSchachschule Pirs
Pirš, Matjaž
Board 1GER SIM Scheiba, Manfred2445½½½½GER Rösch, Lothar1800P
Board 2GER SIM Scheiba, Manfred2445½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 3GER GM Broß, Horst2567½½½½GER GM Gleichmann, Matthias2535
Board 4GER GM Zautzig, Hubert2530½½½½GER SIM Gähler, Sebastian2532
Board 5GER GM Kögler, Klaus2528½10½GER SIM Schütze, Manfred2511
Board 6GER GM Habermehl, Tobias2509½½½½GER SIM Schwenck, Mathias2509
Board 7GER CCE Pöss, Frank2494½½½½GER IM Hacker, Christian2508
Board 8GER CCE Pöss, Frank2494½½½½GER IM Heini, Hans2474
Board 9GER SIM Kuhne, Detlev2464½½½½GER IM Heini, Hans2474
Board 10GER SIM Kuhne, Detlev2464½½½½GER SIM Wenzel, Stefan2465
Board 11GER SIM Kuhne, Detlev2464½½½½SLO SIM Jemec, Viktor2460
Board 12GER SIM Joppich, Ulrich2463½½½½UKR SIM Goncharenko, Georgy2470
Board 13GER IM Schneider, German2455½½½½UKR SIM Goncharenko, Georgy2470
Board 14GER IM Schneider, German2455½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 15GER IM Marten, Gero2447½½½½SLO IM Kosič, Branko2439
Board 16GER IM Marten, Gero2447½½½½SLO SIM Jemec, Viktor2460
Board 17GER IM Marten, Gero2447½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 18GER SIM Scheiba, Manfred2445½½½½SLO IM Kosič, Branko2439
Board 19GER SIM Scheiba, Manfred2445½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 20GER IM Frotscher, Thomas2435½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 21GER CCM Bars, Joachim2420½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 22GER CCM Bars, Joachim2420½½½½SLO IM Pirš, Jernej2404
Board 23GER GM Fischer, Wolfgang2416½½½½SLO IM Pirš, Jernej2404
Board 24GER SIM Schmidt, Theo2402½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 25GER SIM Schmidt, Theo2402½½½½SLO IM Pirš, Jernej2404
Board 26GER SIM Schmidt, Theo2402½½½½ITA CCM Zerbinati, Marco2367
Board 27GER IM Achatz, Michael2387½½½½GER IM Frerichs, Manfred2371
Board 28GER IM Bolz, Barbara2386½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 29GER CCM Markus, Roland2381½½½½GER IM Frerichs, Manfred2371
Board 30GER CCM Markus, Roland2381½½½½GER Rösch, Lothar1800P
Board 31GER CCM Markus, Roland2381½½½½SLO IM Pirš, Jernej2404
Board 32GER CCM Markus, Roland2381½½½½GER IM Hoffmann, Frank2367
Board 33GER CCM Bolz, Joachim2379½½½½GER CCE Hanel, Roland2376
Board 34GER CCM Köstner, Wolfgang2361½½½½GER IM Frerichs, Manfred2371
Board 35GER CCM Köstner, Wolfgang2361½½½½GER IM Hoffmann, Frank2367
Board 36GER CCM Köstner, Wolfgang2361½½½½GER Rösch, Lothar1800P
Board 37GER CCM Naeter, Burkhard2355½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 38GER IM Böhnke, Hartmut2350½½½½ITA CCM Zerbinati, Marco2367
Board 39GER IM Böhnke, Hartmut2350½½½½GER CCM Eschert, Uwe2352
Board 40GER IM Böhnke, Hartmut2350½½½½POR IM Gonzaga Grego, Luís2333
Board 41GER CCM Schirmer, Michael2344½½½½GER Rösch, Lothar1800P
Board 42GER CCE Klemmer, Marcel2341½½½½POR IM Gonzaga Grego, Luís2333
Board 43GER CCE Klemmer, Marcel2341½½½½SLO IM Pirš, Jernej2404
Board 44GER CCE Klemmer, Marcel2341½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 45GER CCM Hering, Hartmut2339½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 46GER CCM Lemke, Burghard2326½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 47GER CCM Lemke, Burghard2326½½½½GER CCM Rudolph, Sebastian2331
Board 48GER CCE Wenzel, Andreas23181½½0SLO IM Pirš, Jernej2404
Board 49GER CCM Meißner, Rüdiger2296½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 50GER CCE Hoppe, Frank2269½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 51GER Vogel, Detlef2244½½½½GER CCM Rudolph, Sebastian2331
Board 52GER LIM Neuburger, Irene22220E0E1E1EGER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 53GER LIM Neuburger, Irene22220E0E1E1EGER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 54GER Fischer, Jens2214½½½½POR Roxo, Agostinho José Gonçalves2126
Board 55GER Fischer, Jens2214½½½½POR Bobone Carvalho, Diogo2014
Board 56GER CCE Fels, Bernhard2099½01½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 57GER Ziegert, Andreas20530011SLO IM Pirš, Jernej2404
Board 58GER Joachimsthaler, Karl2051½½½½SLO IM Pirš, Jernej2404
Board 59GER Marx, Patrick1988½½½½GER IM Winter, Leopold2411
Board 60GER Heiermann, Ludger1983½½½½GER IM Winter, Leopold2411
Board 61GER Müller-Töpler, Michael18570011GER Rösch, Lothar1800P
Board 62GER IM Anderskewitz, Ralf2419½½½½SLO IM Pirš, Jernej2404
Board 63GER SIM Achilles, Edgar2405½½½½SLO IM Pirš, Jernej2404
Board 64GER CCM Jugl, Peter2377½½½½SLO IM Pirš, Jernej2404
Board 65GER CCM Zielinski, Sergej2363½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 66GER CCE Michalek, Christoph2351½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 67GER CCM Fuchs, Jörg2337½½½½GER CCM Rudolph, Sebastian2331
Board 68GER Granz, Thomas2202½½½½ESP CCE Quiroga Martínez, Jesús2258
Board 69GER CCE Campani, Paolo2167½½½½ESP CCE Quiroga Martínez, Jesús2258
Board 70GER Stadelmann, Hans-Jürgen2129½½½½GER CCM Rudolph, Sebastian2331
Board 71GER Schelberg, Martin2131½½½½GER CCM Rudolph, Sebastian2331
Board 72GER Schmidt, Karl Heinz2119½01½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 73GER CCE Scharf, Norbert1947½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 74GER Keller, Gert1900½½½½GER GM Pirš, Matjaž2490
Board 75GER Jansen, Katharina1800P0011GER Rösch, Lothar1800P



XE = exceeded time limit
XP = provisional

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 150

This is a server event.
The start date was 1/15/2022.
There is no end date.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days with doubling after 20 days is used.
If a player exceeds allowed thinking time in any way, the player will automatically be scored with a loss. Under some circumstances all of the player’s games will subsequently be cancelled (if not already rated).
45 days of leave per year are available to each player.
There is no special leave in this event.
Linear conditionals can be entered.
This tournament allows claims based on the seven piece tablebase.
Draw offers are restricted to one offer per player every 10 moves (called the ten moves draw rule).
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule (see ICCF rule
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Korže, Danilo.

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