ICCF70-CTpr s 7, 70th ICCF Jubilee World Cup (server) pr section 7

TD Kracht, Jörg (IA)
RatedWhite gamesBlack gamesScoreBC2BC1BB2SWinsRGPlace
1FIN461056CCMSuihko, Kalervo2340½½1½11½½½½½1846.54949656.5401
2SVK950294 Krakovský, Peter2170½½1111½½½½½½8454849672.5402
3CAN90705CCMMaltais, Christian2258½½1.1½½½½½117.549.55353660.5413
4GER85849SIMKraft, Dieter2484½½½½½.½½11117.546.546.546.5684414
5RUS141895CCMRudenko, Aleksandr Vladimirovich 2378½½½1.½½½½1117.545.54848675.5415
6USA517672 Stewart, Douglas2193½½11.1½½½½½.6.5495254.5611.5326
7GER85280IMHöppenstein, Michael2451½½½½½.½½½1½16.550.55354.5653217
8WLS810276 Coles, Jon2084½½½½1½½½½1½.6.548.55152634218
9GER86707CCMLemke, Burghard235501½½1.½.½½½1641.54444658329
10ENG210619CCENorman, Nigel2267½½½.½1½½½½1.6414242633.52210
11NED370601IMTienhoven, Richard M. van2391½½½.½½½½½½½1652.556.557.56481111
12RUS143204 Aralkova, Mishel Anatolievna1949½.½½½1.½½1E.½5.54244.547630.52312
13ESP160990CCMBoada Martí, Miquel2299½½.11.½½½½½.5.54041416292313
14USA517775 Deakin, Christopher2278½½.½½.½½1½½½5.5555759624.51214
15FIN460346CCEYlipartanen, Jorma2237½½½½.1½.½½½½5.54950516191215
16POL429151IMSzerlak, Andrzej2411½½½½½½½½½½½.5.55658.559.56040116
17RUS141179 Trushnikov, Vyacheslav Evstafievich1847½½½½½1½0½½½.5.549.550.551.5649.51117
18NED371126CCETaffijn, Martien20640½½½11½½½½005.544.54748653.52018
19RUS142369 Orlovtsev, Aleksandr Ivanovich2230½½½½.11½½...544.546465962419
20GER81692CCMGlotz, Dietmar2319½½1½.1½½.½..54344446132420
21FRA189129CCESpeisser, Patrick2256½½..½1½½½½½.55153.556632.51321
22COL120101IMBernal Varela, Nelson2402½½½½..½½½1½.5474950.56171322
23GER85267IMBißmann, Stefan2371½½½½½.½½½½½.55860.561.5575.50223
24SLO480375 Počivavšek, Darko2207P½½½½½.½½½.½½551.555566430224
25GER83202CCMNaeter, Burkhard2365½½½.½½½½½½½.55052546130225
26CZE131239IMCvak, Rudolf2394½½½½.½½½½½½.54345.545.5628.50226
27USA510691CCEEndsley, Barry E.2283½½½½½½½0½½½.552.555566090127
28GER85747 Mulde, Ralf2115½½½½½½½0.½½½550.552.554.5629.50128
29POL420628CCMFrączek, Dariusz2417.½½11..½½½..4.55658.560.5610.52529
30UKR940191IMAnokhin, Yury2428½½½1½..½...14.5444545630.52530
31CUB690001CCMRangel García, Raúl2291½½½...½½½½.1E4.55355565881431
32ENG219137CCMMason, Ian J.2272½½½½.½½½½½..4.550.55354.5572.50332
33RUS141554 Rozhnev, Ivan Nikolaevich2220½0½½½½0½½01.4.557.56162591.51133
34EST930305IMTõnisson, Priit2313½½½.½½00½½½½4.553.556586220134
35LAT910125CCEDzenis, Janis (Tukmus)2181½½½½½.0½½½0½4.553.556566430135
36BRA71147 Maroneze, Bruno200100½½½100.½½1E4.55051516332136
37POL421428IMSzymański, Robert2363½½1½½½½.....45051.552.56241537
38ITA242203 D'Agostino, Gabriele2207P½½....½½½½.14454747641.51538
39GER83088CCMPommrich, Rainer2356½½½.½.0½½½.½45457606040339
40LTU920109 Rimkus, Bronius I.22110½½.1E½½½.0½.452.555.5586181340
41GER85754CCMTropf, Peter2344½½.0..½½½..13.549.550.551.56271541
42USA517666 Docevski, Boris2104½½0.½10..½.½3.548.549.550.5588.51442
43USA517931 Waitkus, Jay2207P½0½0..½½½½½.3.557.560625860343
44PHI517765 Simplina, Arthur2204½1½....½½...344.546476121744
45JPN580038SIMTomizawa, Takanori2293.½½½.10.½...34849496041645
46ITA249224IMLupo, Alfredo2332½½.½..0.½.½½35456.558.55900546
47BRA70304SIMPiccoli, Fábio Bidart2143½½.½.100.½..345.546.546.56221547
48USA517830 Solis, Nino20580E½0E..1.½.0E1.3454545636.52548
49SWE450740 Malmström, Jan1910.½...1½½....2.541.542.542.56341849
50BRA71733 Andrade, Raphael Silva de2207P.½....½½½½..2.538.540406700750
51SWE450751SIMBennborn, Jan21250½.½½.0½½...2.5545759.5590.50551
52ITA241383 Nicotera, Alessandro19810½½...00½½.½2.553.555.557596.50452
53GER83098 Röhrig, Uwe181900½..1½000½.2.551.553.554.55991353
54RUS143229 Tsyban, Yuriy Mihaylovich2207P.½.½.......124648.549.5598.51954
55ITA249003CCMSalati, Paolo2305.½....½½.½..244.54749.56500855
56USA515808IMMuljadi, Paul2440.......½...11.543.5464759011056
57USA514958CCENeale, Mark2101.½........½.146.549.549.5623.501057
58DEN150509 Hjorth, Jesper1877.....10000..146.54949613.51758
59JPN580173 Takahashi, Yoshihiro159100000100000014748.548.5588.51059
60POL420722 Kaźmierczuk, Zenon20210...0E.......049.5525354701060
61ENG212579 Roberts, Stephen14150000000000000535455572.50061

XE = exceeded time limit
XP = provisional
Latest results from 9/24/2021 are displayed in red.

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 103, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 263

Additional tie-breaking procedure:
If a tie persists after the standard tie-breaking procedures (Silli event: Buchholz cut 2, then Buchholz cut 1, then Buchholz, then Buchholz 2nd stage, and then number of wins), then the order is decided by the lower rating (fixed or unfixed) at the end of the tournament. If the tie still remains, the order is determined by the lower rating (fixed or unfixed) in previous ranting lists until broken. If players are still tied after all relevant tie-breaking procedures have been used, the players will be considered equal.

-The total prize fund for this event is 3,000 EUR (1,000 EUR preliminary stage and 2,000 EUR final stage).
-Prizes will be awarded to winners of the preliminary sections (such prizes, each to the value of approximately 100 EUR, will be in the form of vouchers, tie-break applies).
-In the final cash prizes of 1,000 EUR, 600 EUR, 300 EUR and 100 EUR will be awarded to the top 4 players. Tie-breaks will not be applied in respect of these cash prizes and instead those players scoring equal points will equally share any prize money due.
-Also, in the final occasional medals and certificates will be awarded to the top 3 players (tie-break applies).

-The number of promotions: 10 players from each preliminary section will qualify for the 70th ICCF Jubilee World Cup final (tie-break applies); no player will qualify for more than one place in the final.
-The following special qualification provisions can be achieved in the 70th ICCF Jubilee World Cup final (required result above 50%):
--the winner (tie-break applies) will gain the SIM title;
--the winner (tie-break applies) will qualify for a World Championship final;
--players from places 2-3 (tie-break applies) will qualify for a World Championship Candidates (upon payment of the entry fee);
--players from places 4-13 (tie-break applies) will qualify for a World Championship semi-final (upon payment of the entry fee).

This is a server event.
The start date was 2/15/2021.
The end date is 8/15/2022.
ICCF standard time control of 30 days, followed by 1 moves in 3 days with duplication after 20 days is used.
If a player exceeds allowed thinking time in any way, the player will automatically be scored with a loss. Under some circumstances all of the player’s games will subsequently be cancelled (if not already rated).
45 days of leave per year are available to each player.
There is no special leave in this event.
Linear conditionals can be entered.
This tournament allows claims based on the seven piece tablebase.
Draw offers are restricted to one offer per player every 10 moves (called the ten moves draw rule).
Ties are broken by Buchholz cut 2, then by Buchholz cut 1, then by Buchholz, then by Buchholz 2nd stage, and then by wins.
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
Other participants can see the games live after 10 games are finished in the event. Live transmission is delayed by 5 moves.
The public can see the games live after 10 games are finished in the event. Live transmission is delayed by 5 moves.
This event is organized by Wojnar, Mariusz.

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