ICCF70-CTpr s 4, 70th ICCF Jubilee World Cup (server) pr section 4

TD Fałatowicz, Piotr
RatedWhite gamesBlack gamesScoreBC2BC1BB2SWinsRGPlace
1RUS141447SIMMorozov, Dmitry Viktorovich2491½.1½11½½½11.7.533.534.534.5513.5521
2GER87029 Korn, Christian22691.1½1.½½1½½17.533.533.533.5503.5522
3ENG212535CCMMarks, Robert2363½½½11.½½½½½.635.535.535.5426223
4RUS141760IMIlyasov, Anatoly Fedorovich2391½½...1½½½.115.5272727472344
5GER81666IMFritsche, Frank2395½.½½1½½1.½½.5.539.54141463.5235
6GER83088CCMPommrich, Rainer2356½1.1½.½½½½½.5.536.537.538490236
7RUS141892CCEGrebenshchikov, Aleksandr Petrovich2232½½11..0½½½½½5.54646.546.5420.5227
8ROU440748CCMCziko, Eduard2442½½.½½.½½1..1535.535.535.5449248
9GER87034 Michalek, Christoph221111....½½½½½½53435.536.5461.5249
10CAN90893CCMVilleneuve, Robert2310½½...½½.½½11E529.53030473.52410
11NED370982 Smit, Frans P.1919½½½½.1½½½..½528.528.528.54911311
12RUS141005IMMalyshev, Vladimir Pavlovich2274½½½½½½½½½.½.541.54344.5413.50212
13POL421027 Stapiński, Ryszard18210½½½01½0½10½5394141455.52013
14RUS141925CCMGlushenkov, Sergey Aleksandrovich 2314½½½11...½½..4.53434344452514
15SVK950121CCMKlocháň, Peter2374½½.½..½½½½½½4.5474949404.50315
16GRE220283CCMTobor, Mick2380½½½.½½½0½1..4.535.535.535.54491316
17RUS140382IMKozlov, Vadim Yakovlevich2422½½½....½.11.44648.5504032617
18GER87043 Hinrichs, Heinz2170½1...1.½½½..423.523.523.5459.52618
19POL420794 Dziedzic, Andrzej2130½½.½½1..½½..444.54545426.51519
20ESP161094 Jansà Girona, Jordi2239½½½..1½½½...43636364541520
21USA514361CCEDeskin, Gary2263.½1½.10½.½..43131314722521
22SUI85521CCMMilde, Lars2256½1½.½.0½½½..442.542.542.5417.51422
23RUS141072CCMKudryavtsev, Nikolay Ivanovich2321½½½½½..½½½..435.536364410423
24GER84982IMDoderer, Harald2405.½½½½.½½½½..434.535.5364310424
25BRA71714 Martendal, Marcos Paulo2207P½½½½..0½½½½.438.539.5404730325
26POL420687CCEZawadka, Zbigniew2287½½½½0.½0½½½.4414141441.50226
27DEN151014CCMHansen, Jan2342½½½...½½.1..3.53232324431627
28UKR940757CCMKorovnik, Igor2368½½.½..½½½.½.3.54040.540.5414.50528
29IND280824 Srinath, Tanmay2225½½½.½.½0½.½.3.5414141394.50429
30GER81368IMVetter, Gerhard22940½½...½½½½0½3.535.535.535.54180330
31ITA242158 Pigozzi, Maurizio2207P½0½½..0½½½½.3.532.532.532.5460.50331
32USA514718CCMZaas, Peter S.2346½½.½...½...133030304351732
33ITA242126 Costa, Michele Rocco2108½0.½½..0.½.133333.533.54221533
34GER85433 Dahm, Winfried-Karl20260½½½½.0½0.½.34546.546.5418.50334
35RUS142581SIMProzorovsky, Vyacheslav Grigorievich2464......½.
36CAN90868CCMBoulanger, Michel2357½½.½..½½....2.534.535.536434.50736
37GER80184IMLöffler, Werner2412½½½½...½....2.532.532.532.5435.50737
38SUI100320 Bobbia, Mario18570½½½.½0½....2.5363636427.50538
39POL421854 Zdziech, Mariusz218400½1..00.½½.2.538.53939482.51439
40AUS30392CCEStubbs, Mike208610½0..0½½.0.2.536.536.536.54621440
41USA516552CCMBurmeister, Ferdinand21031...1.......229.530.531460.521041
42USA514028 McCartney, Patrick J.2149..½...½.½.½.23737374310842
43ITA241145 Senzacqua, Fabrizio1959½½½...½.....23031314640843
44USA511591CCMHarvey, Donald J.2279........1.½.1.537.5383839011044
45ENG210514SIMPheby, Ian M.2431½.....½½....1.53737374300945
46GER85697 Ziechaus, Lothar2039½.½.....½...1.53030304280946
47GER81893CCMKlewe, Wolfgang2335½½....0½....1.54343.543.54120847
48GER82857 Zylla, Johannes2302.½½...0.½...1.5343434435.50848
49USA517650 Roberts, Casey2207P......½½....141424240801049
50ROU440933 Gliga, Razvan2207P..½...00..0½1434546409.50750
51ARG20192IMDeforel, Jorge Eduardo2327.½..........0.535.53737.538301151
52ENG210823CCEBrotherton, Trevor S.2209.½..........0.524.524.524.544701152
53IND280197 Naniwadekar, Mihir21180½00..000...0.537.53838386.50553
54FIN460963 Varonen, Hannu1878............0383838414.501254
55ROU440741 Baban, Catalin-Dumitru1533............0373737430.501255
56USA511449 Novosad, Mack Wynn2012............0333333398.501256
57POL421429 Domaraczeńko, Krzysztof2117............027272743301257
58LAT910275 Kurpnieks, Vairis2090............024242443301258
59USA517801 Hoggan, Joshua1990.0E..........036363641001159
60FRA189093 Augereau, Cyrille21950...........03435.535.5417.501160
61CZE130890 Dostál, Stanislav16400000..0000..0414141374.50461

XE = exceeded time limit
XP = provisional
Latest results from 6/11/2021 are displayed in red.

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 181, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 185

Additional tie-breaking procedure:
If a tie persists after the standard tie-breaking procedures (Silli event: Buchholz cut 2, then Buchholz cut 1, then Buchholz, then Buchholz 2nd stage, and then number of wins), then the order is decided by the lower rating (fixed or unfixed) at the end of the tournament. If the tie still remains, the order is determined by the lower rating (fixed or unfixed) in previous ranting lists until broken. If players are still tied after all relevant tie-breaking procedures have been used, the players will be considered equal.

-The total prize fund for this event is 3,000 EUR (1,000 EUR preliminary stage and 2,000 EUR final stage).
-Prizes will be awarded to winners of the preliminary sections (such prizes, each to the value of approximately 100 EUR, will be in the form of vouchers, tie-break applies).
-In the final cash prizes of 1,000 EUR, 600 EUR, 300 EUR and 100 EUR will be awarded to the top 4 players. Tie-breaks will not be applied in respect of these cash prizes and instead those players scoring equal points will equally share any prize money due.
-Also, in the final occasional medals and certificates will be awarded to the top 3 players (tie-break applies).

-The number of promotions: 10 players from each preliminary section will qualify for the 70th ICCF Jubilee World Cup final (tie-break applies); no player will qualify for more than one place in the final.
-The following special qualification provisions can be achieved in the 70th ICCF Jubilee World Cup final (required result above 50%):
--the winner (tie-break applies) will gain the SIM title;
--the winner (tie-break applies) will qualify for a World Championship final;
--players from places 2-3 (tie-break applies) will qualify for a World Championship Candidates (upon payment of the entry fee);
--players from places 4-13 (tie-break applies) will qualify for a World Championship semi-final (upon payment of the entry fee).

This is a server event.
The start date was 2/15/2021.
The end date is 8/15/2022.
ICCF standard time control of 30 days, followed by 1 moves in 3 days with duplication after 20 days is used.
If a player exceeds allowed thinking time in any way, the player will automatically be scored with a loss. Under some circumstances all of the player’s games will subsequently be cancelled (if not already rated).
45 days of leave per year are available to each player.
There is no special leave in this event.
Linear conditionals can be entered.
This tournament allows claims based on the seven piece tablebase.
Draw offers are restricted to one offer per player every 10 moves (called the ten moves draw rule).
Ties are broken by Buchholz cut 2, then by Buchholz cut 1, then by Buchholz, then by Buchholz 2nd stage, and then by wins.
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
Other participants can see the games live after 10 games are finished in the event. Live transmission is delayed by 5 moves.
The public can see the games live after 10 games are finished in the event. Live transmission is delayed by 5 moves.
This event is organized by Wojnar, Mariusz.

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