ITA-CUB, Italia - Cuba 2020

TD Hernández Molina, David E. (IA)
Sampieri, Maurizio
Salcedo Mederos, Pablo
Board 1ITA IM Savoca, Alfredo  2460½½½½CUB SIM Salcedo Mederos, Pablo  2424
Board 2ITA IM Ciciotti, Augusto Walter  2431½01½CUB SIM Salcedo Mederos, Pablo  2424
Board 3ITA IM Mauro, Lucio  2414-C-C-C-CCUB CCM Pérez Rodríguez, Rubén  2389
Board 4ITA Perina, Giuseppe  2326½½½½CUB CCM Kamanel Zamora, Juan Felipe  2314
Board 5ITA IM Lupo, Alfredo  2323½½½½CUB CCM Fernández Medina, Etienne  2311
Board 6ITA CCM Zerbinati, Marco  2318½½½½CUB CCM Utrera Zunda, Evelio  2309
Board 7ITA CCM Brunori, Valerio  2304½½½½CUB CCE Tamayo Gutiérrez, Rommel  2303
Board 8ITA CCE Sardella, Antonio  2280½½½½CUB CCM Cartaya Verdecia, Michael  2292
Board 9ITA CCE Prati, Alessandro  2276½½½½CUB CCE Echenique Hilario, Miguel  2291
Board 10ITA CCM Bolignano, Giuseppe  2272½½½½CUB CCM Vega Palma, Manuel  2291
Board 11ITA Sgarito, Carmelo  2245½½½½CUB CCM del Toro Montoya, Yovany  2287
Board 12ITA Cipolla, Andrea  2241½½½½CUB CCE Hernandez Fernandez, Noel  2279
Board 13ITA Tramacere, Salvatore  2239½½½½CUB CCE Rangel García, Raúl  2276
Board 14ITA CCE Colucci, Pasquale  2238½½½½CUB Morales González, Ramón  2268
Board 15ITA Valdettaro, Nicolò  2230F½½½½CUB Otero Rodríguez, Jorge  2264
Board 16ITA CCE Lanzani, Paolo  2227½½½½CUB CCE Corujedo Hernández, Rafael  2259
Board 17ITA CCE Milani, Oscar  2180½½½½CUB Ronquillo Tamarit, Walfredo  2232
Board 18ITA CCE Visigalli, Cesare  2163½½½½CUB CCE Pulido Pino, Rubén  2212
Board 19ITA Capezzali, Roberto  21600½½1CUB CCE Pulido Pino, Rubén  2212
Board 20ITA Sempio, Santino  21570011CUB Carralero Rodríguez, Iván  2208
Board 21ITA CCE Collobiano, Alberto  2148½½½½CUB Vázquez Fernández, Jorge   2201
Board 22ITA Parisi, Cosimo  21470011CUB Jordán Rodríguez, Miguel Agustín  2184
Board 23ITA Szanto, Andrea  2133½½½½CUB Pupo Pérez, Héctor  2182
Board 24ITA Sirotti, Claudio  21151D1D0D0DCUB Quesada Chow, Ismael Adán  2180
Board 25ITA Tozzi, Tullio  2026½01½CUB Reyes Sablón, Alberto  2165
Board 26ITA Carrettoni, Angelo  20090011CUB Morales Romero, Pedro  2137
Board 27ITA Senzacqua, Fabrizio  19940011CUB CCE Cruz Ramirez, Eliecer  2134
Board 28ITA Bertaggia, Andrea  1989½½½½CUB Puig Moreira, Liván  2110
Board 29ITA Brusiani, Angelo  19500011CUB Carballo Márquez, Luis M.  2049
Board 30ITA Scaramuzzo, Giancarlo  19090011CUB Ramos Rodríguez, Pedro I.  2043
Board 31ITA Sabbatini, Giuseppe  19040011CUB Díaz Vasallo, Nelson Eugenio  1989
Board 32ITA Gambardella, Gerardo  1898½01½CUB González Benítez, Pedro Luis  1800P
Board 33ITA Madia, Nicola  1800P1½½0CUB Cruz Carmona, German  1800P
Board 34ITA Reazul Haq, Ratul  1800P0E0E1E1ECUB Hidalgo Zayas, Pedro Ernesto  1800P
Board 35ITA Bettazzi, Alessandro  1800P0½½1CUB González Hernández, Humberto  1800P
Board 36ITA Giglio, Antonio  1800P0011CUB Rosabal Perea, Rolando  1800P
Board 37ITA Aulino, Giovanni  17570011CUB Hidalgo Zayas, Pedro Emilio  1800P
Board 38ITA Schilleci, Calogero  17511100CUB Leiva Antúnez, Humberto  1800P
Board 39ITA Casella, Sergio  1660½01½CUB González Benítez, Pedro Luis  1800P
Board 40ITA Parente, Massimo  15670½½1CUB Echevarría González, Raúl  1647



XC = game cancelled
XD = result by default
XE = exceeded time limit
XP = provisional

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 80

This is a server event.
The start date was 4/12/2020.
There is no end date.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days is used.
If a player exceeds allowed thinking time in any way, the player will automatically be scored with a loss. Under some circumstances all of the player’s games will subsequently be cancelled (if not already rated).
45 days of leave per year are available to each player.
There is no special leave in this event.
Linear conditionals can be entered.
This tournament allows claims based on the seven piece tablebase.
Draw offers are restricted to one offer per player every 10 moves (called the ten moves draw rule).
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule (see ICCF rule
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Mastrojeni, Gianni.

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