CL/2004/A1 Board 4, Champions League 2004 A Group 1 Board 4

TD Geider, Frank
Category 6 SIM=7 IM=6 LGM=4 LIM=2½1234567891011ScoreSBRGPlace
1POL420813 Wojtyra, Sławomir2346POL Penelopa½½1111½½1½7.535.501
2RUS141241SIMTurkov, Vladimir Sergeevich2499RUS Chess Victory½½½½1½½1½16.529.7502
3ITA241040 Agomeri, Andrea2319ITA White Bishop Chess Team½½½½½½1½116.528.503
4LTU920286 Grabliauskas, Virginijus2494LTU NSEL300½½½½½11½1626.2504
5LTU920247 Rupšys, Rimantas2494LTU Margiris0½½½½½10115.52305
6GER82862SIMBehling, Helmut2383USA Kings of TCCMB00½½½½11½½522.7506
7FRA180213SIMViard, Dominique2472FRA Champagne Chess0½½½½½0½11520.507
8GER85393 Pauli, Alexander2400PGER ChessBaseUserClub½½0000111152008
9ALG610007SIMSamraoui, Mohamed2420GER Rochade 5171 - Chess Composers½0O½O010O½0O114.518.509
10ARG20364IMChan, Daniel Roberto2396ARG La Dama Clavada0½0½0½000½29.5010
11FRA180936 Pinna, Andrea2173GER The Good Knights½0000½000½1.57.25011

XO = game finished by original player
XP = provisional

Lohmann, Heinrich (GER Rochade 5171 - Chess Composers) was substituted by SIM Samraoui, Mohamed.
The games finished by the substitute are rated according to rule 18 of the rating rules.

Latest results from 5/2/2007 are displayed in red.

Not finished: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 65

SIM norm achieved by: Wojtyra, Sławomir
IM norm achieved by: Agomeri, Andrea; Wojtyra, Sławomir; Grabliauskas, Virginijus

This event is played by email.
The start date was 12/1/2004.
There is no end date.
30 days of leave per year are available to each player.
Special leave can be requested from the TD.
Individual ties are broken by the Sonneborn-Berger tie breaking rule. This applies to board cross tables.
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule (see ICCF rule This applies to the team cross table.
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the TD.
Where game scores are available:
Other participants can see the games only when they are finished, and at least 0 games are finished in the event.
The public can see the games only when they are finished, and at least 0 games are finished in the event.
This event is organized by Hofer, Rudolf.

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