GER-MEX I 2018, Mexiko - Germany I 2018

TD Wenzel, Stefan
MexikoWhiteBlackWhiteBlackGermany I
Board 1MEX CCE Suarez, Martin  2289½½½½GER CCE Naeter, Burkhard  2299
Board 2MEX CCE Suarez, Martin  2289....GER CCE Tropf, Peter  2295
Board 3MEX Yáñez García, Jesús  22601..0GER CCE Knittel, Martin  2285
Board 4MEX Yoshida, Alberto  2240½½½½GER CCE Meißner, Rüdiger  2243
Board 5MEX Yoshida, Alberto  2240.½½.GER CCE Lemke, Burghard  2224
Board 6MEX Pineda, Ulises  2199....GER Moedl, Willi  2197
Board 7MEX Esquivel León, Jorge A.  2170....GER CCE Schwenk, Heinrich  2196
Board 8MEX Gongora-Montes, Benjamin  2072....GER Schmidt, Karl Heinz  2112
Board 9MEX Gongora-Montes, Benjamin  2072½..½GER Schmidt, Peter (Glashütte)  2094
Board 10MEX Pérez Domínguez, José  2072½½½½GER Scharf, Norbert  2110
Board 11MEX Pérez Domínguez, José  2072½½½½GER Schmidt, Torsten (Jessnitz)  2077
Board 12MEX Saenz Ramos, Jorge Luis  2062.½½.GER Green, Michael  2091
Board 13MEX Robles, Ana Lilia Gaona  2035....GER Cremerius, Armin  2096
Board 14MEX IM Guizar, Clemente  1989....GER Hackenberg, Thomas  2070
Board 15MEX Alvarado Muñoz, Noe Alejandro  1917....GER Ziechaus, Lothar  1976
Board 16MEX González Amaro, Angel Israel  1893.½½.GER Martins, Karin  1937
Board 17MEX Morera Morera, Jorge David  15300011GER Böcker, Marcus  1644
Board 18MEX Reyes, Sergio  1518½½½½GER Himpel, Roland  1472
Board 19MEX Canche Naal, Ricardo Antonio  1478½½½½GER Himpel, Roland  1472
Board 20MEX Cisneros Escalona, Melisa  14260½½1GER Wiesbrock, Hans Joachim  1427
Board 21MEX Aguilar Mora, Alfredo  1800P0E0E1E1EGER Drescher, Andreas  1949
Board 22MEX Almaras García, Alfredo  1800P0011GER Heiermann, Ludger  1913
Board 23MEX Calderón González, Jonathan  1800P0E0E1E1EGER Müller-Töpler, Michael  1868
Board 24MEX Calva Caballero, Ivan Montserrat  1800P0E½½1EGER Müller-Töpler, Michael  1868
Board 25MEX Castillo Anaya, Iván  1800P0E0E1E1EGER Lüthi, Thomas  1841
Board 26MEX Gil Zepeda, Carlos Armando  1800P....GER Warnest, Stefan  1818
Board 27MEX Gil Zepeda, Carlos Armando  1800P1100GER Warnest, Stefan  1818
Board 28MEX Jácome Jiménez, Abel  1800P....GER Kelemen, Norbert  1800P
Board 29MEX Huerta Martínez, Leonardo  1800P0E0E1E1EGER Pflaesterer, Wolfgang  1800P
Board 30MEX Martínez Camacho, Victor Hugo  1800P.01.GER Albrecht, Manja  1800P
Board 31MEX Morales Viscaya, Joel Artemio  1800P....GER Albrecht, Manja  1800P
Board 32MEX Nava Avila, Marco Antonio  1800P....GER Schumacher, Ulrich  1800P
Board 33MEX Oceguera Becerra, Tomas Octavio  1800P0E1E0E1EGER Augustin, Christian  1800P
Board 34MEX Romero Díaz, Cristóbal  1800P0E0E1E1EGER Wittlieb, Friedhelm  1769
Board 35MEX Sánchez Martínez, Félix Armando  1800P0E0E1E1EGER Wittlieb, Friedhelm  1769
Board 36MEX Satskov, Vitaly  1800P½10½GER Buchmann, Hans-Peter  1761
Board 37MEX Vargas Cortés, Gustavo  1800P0E011EGER Schelberg, Martin  1758
Board 38MEX Vazquez Gallardo, Miguel  1800P00E1E1GER Schelberg, Martin  1758
Board 39MEX Velazquez Betancourt, Abel  1800P0D0D1D1DGER Buchhauser, Gerhard  1750
Board 40MEX Alvarez Barron, Jose Luis  1800P0E0E1E1EGER Stadelmann, Hans-Jürgen  1800P
Board 41MEX Calva Lagunes, Steven Iván  1800P0E0E1E1EGER Friedrich, Ralf  1800P
Board 42MEX de los Santos Coello, Jose Roberto  1800P½½½½GER Schaffarth, Peter  1714



XD = result by default
XE = exceeded time limit
XP = provisional

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 28, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 56

This is a server event.
The start date was 12/28/2018.
There is no end date.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days is used.
If a player exceeds allowed thinking time in any way, the player will automatically be scored with a loss. Under some circumstances all of the player’s games will subsequently be cancelled (if not already rated).
45 days of leave per year are available to each player.
There is no special leave in this event.
Linear conditionals can be entered.
This tournament allows claims based on the six piece tablebase. The 50-moves-rule is not applied in positions with seven or fewer pieces.
Draw offers are restricted to one offer per player every 10 moves (called the ten moves draw rule).
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule.
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Scheiba, Manfred.

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