DEN-USA 2018, Denmark - USA 2018 Friendly Match

TD Kjeldsen, Karsten
Board 1DEN IM Lykke, Hans Chr.  2443½½½½USA IM Parsons, Larry  2446
Board 2DEN IM Konstantinov, Maxim  2435½½½½USA Millett, John  2441
Board 3DEN IM Lynge, Michael Birch  24210D0D1D1DUSA IM Biedermann, Kyle  2429
Board 4DEN IM Jensen, Claus  2408½½½½USA CCM Marbourg, Denny  2411
Board 5DEN IM Ottesen, Søren Rud  2364½½½½USA CCM Muljadi, Paul  2357
Board 6DEN CCM Jørgensen, Poul Erik  2357½½½½USA IM Musitani, Cesar  2354
Board 7DEN CCE Feldborg, Brian  2340....USA CCE Relyea, Alexander  2340
Board 8DEN CCM Varberg, Kenneth  2311½½½½USA IM Skeels, James B.  2298
Board 9DEN Hansen, Jan  2292½½½½USA Tedesco, Matthew  2283
Board 10DEN Bratholm, Palle Skov  2174½01½USA Busygin, Stanislav  2176F
Board 11DEN Sørensen, Michael D. F.  2153½½½½USA Hayes, Michael G.  2166
Board 12DEN Sørensen, Michael D. F.  2153½½½½USA Bodziony, Peter  2151
Board 13DEN Andersen, Lars Kirstein  21020011USA Ramos, Fabian  2104
Board 14DEN Ambirk, Jan Robert  2026½½½½USA Rossbottom, Tom  2008
Board 15DEN Hjorth, Jesper  1881½½½½USA Moujan, Pablo  1910
Board 16DEN Holst, Peter Stein  1867F1100USA Wheatley, Daniel D.  1860
Board 17DEN Hansen, Kim Holm  1846½½½½USA Taylor, Bobby C.  1839
Board 18DEN Bjørneboe, Dan Rune  18071100USA Siegfried, Will  1800P
Board 19DEN Wedel, Freddy  16941100USA Schuttenhelm, Lance  1689
Board 20DEN Thomsen, Jesper Hegaard  15311010USA Fanelli, Fred  1518
Board 21DEN Giessing, Klaus Grenaa  14411010USA Haws, Aaron  1454



XD = result by default
XP = provisional

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 2, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 40

This is a server event.
The start date was 12/11/2018.
The end date is 12/30/2020.
Triple Block system for a 750 day event, with 75 days initial bank and 5 days increment for the first 50 moves is used.
If a player's clock reaches zero, the player will automatically be scored with a loss (even if the bank and/or the increment are > 0). Under some circumstances all of the player’s games will subsequently be cancelled (if not already rated).
Players cannot stop their clocks to take leave.
Linear conditionals can be entered.
This tournament allows claims based on the six piece tablebase. The 50-moves-rule is not applied in positions with seven or fewer pieces.
Draw offers are restricted to one offer per player every 10 moves (called the ten moves draw rule).
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule.
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Doren, Dennis M..

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