ITA-ROU 2018, Romania - Italia 100 Years

TD Figlio, Gino Franco (IA)
Board 1ITA GM Riccio, Eros  2644½½½½ROU GM Şerban, Florin  2628
Board 2ITA GM Finocchiaro, Fabio  2576½½½½ROU SIM Sferle, Miron  2498
Board 3ITA SIM Cremasco, Gianluca  2492½½½½ROU SIM Sferle, Miron  2498
Board 4ITA SIM Gerola, Giorgio  2483½½½½ROU IM Pepene, Gheorghe  2494
Board 5ITA SIM Gueci, Alberto  2480½½½½ROU IM Pepene, Gheorghe  2494
Board 6ITA SIM Cerrato, Roberto  2477½½½½ROU SIM Epure, Cristian-Ion  2469
Board 7ITA IM Bellegotti, Giorgio  2464½½½½ROU SIM Epure, Cristian-Ion  2469
Board 8ITA IM Savoca, Alfredo  2458½½½½ROU IM Pantazi, Adrian  2456
Board 9ITA IM Esposito, Luca  2452½½½½ROU IM Pantazi, Adrian  2456
Board 10ITA IM De Bari, Vito  2451½½½½ROU SIM Florea, Mihail  2440
Board 11ITA SIM Baiocchi, Giorgio  2442½½½½ROU IM Taras, Iulian  2430
Board 12ITA IM Ruggieri, Oliviero  2437½½½½ROU IM Taras, Iulian  2430
Board 13ITA IM Genga, Secondo  2433½½½½ROU IM Câmpian, Cristian  2429
Board 14ITA CCM Galliano, Giovanni  2428½½½½ROU IM Câmpian, Cristian  2429
Board 15ITA IM Mauro, Lucio  2426½½½½ROU IM Lakatos, Stefan  2427
Board 16ITA SIM Cimmino, Pietro  2425½01½ROU SIM Ciucurel, Sorin-Marius  2418
Board 17ITA SIM Latronico, Nicola  2415.½½.ROU IM Crăciuneanu, Viorel  2418
Board 18ITA CCM Rombaldoni, Denis  2406....ROU Pepene, Ionut  2418
Board 19ITA IM Manzo, Andrea  2390½½½½ROU IM Enescu, Constantin  2416
Board 20ITA CCM Lupini, Stefano  2388½½½½ROU IM Enescu, Constantin  2416
Board 21ITA SIM Sampieri, Maurizio  2370½01½ROU Bucur, Mircea  2410
Board 22ITA Gatterer, Florian  2359.½½.ROU SIM Neagu, Liviu  2407
Board 23ITA LGM Tinjacá Ramirez, Luz Marina  2358.½½.ROU CCM Necula, Iulian  2406
Board 24ITA CCM Montella, Salvatore  2348½½½½ROU LGM Stanila, Elena  2405
Board 25ITA CCM Marchisotti, Mauro  2344½½½½ROU LGM Stanila, Elena  2405
Board 26ITA Giacchetti, Claudio  2342½½½½ROU CCM Ristea, Tudor  2404
Board 27ITA CCM Sacripanti, Giancarlo  2341½½½½ROU CCM Ristea, Tudor  2404
Board 28ITA SIM Versili, Mario  2339.½½.ROU SIM Moise, Octavian  2389
Board 29ITA CCE Arbrile, Giuseppe  2339½½½½ROU CCM Bucsa, Ioan  2387
Board 30ITA CCM Crielesi, Guerrino  23381½½0ROU SIM Matei, Cornel  2381
Board 31ITA IM Armani, Giuseppe  2331½..½ROU Aniniş, Tiberiu  2348
Board 32ITA Necchi, Sandro  2324½½½½ROU Oprişor, Răzvan  2345
Board 33ITA CCM Bolignano, Giuseppe  23161½½0ROU Baltă, Mihai  2343
Board 34ITA IM Castellano, Lorenzo  2307.½½.ROU Baltă, Mihai  2343
Board 35ITA CCM Compagnone, Gaetano  2302½½½½ROU CCM Balutescu, Mihail Goanga  2336
Board 36ITA CCM Troia, Matteo  2278½..½ROU Horvath, Marius  2335
Board 37ITA Sciallero, Vittorio  2278½½½½ROU Horvath, Marius  2335
Board 38ITA Pulghè, Paolo  2257½½½½ROU IM Volovici, Daniel  2335
Board 39ITA Sardella, Antonio  2256½½½½ROU CCE Tudor, Vasile  2332
Board 40ITA Cantelli, Alessandro  2252½½½½ROU CCE Tudor, Vasile  2332
Board 41ITA Ametrano, Anton Giulio  2242....ROU CCE Bobarnac, Dorin  2331
Board 42ITA Prati, Alessandro  2239½½½½ROU CCE Bobarnac, Dorin  2331
Board 43ITA Costa, Francesco  2233½½½½ROU Achim, Nicolae  2307
Board 44ITA Albertini, Luca  2227½½½½ROU Ceteraş, Marius  2306
Board 45ITA Trasciatti, Mirko  2227½½½½ROU Ceteraş, Marius  2306
Board 46ITA Mileto, Gabriele  2219½½½½ROU Andreica-Navruc, Sebastian  2302
Board 47ITA CCE Guerrini, Donato  2218½½½½ROU Andreica-Navruc, Sebastian  2302
Board 48ITA Nucci, Luciano  2217½½½½MDA Dolganiuc, Victor  2295
ROU Helmer, Janos  2243
Board 49ITA Brunori, Valerio  2212½½½½ROU Mihai, Partenie  2291
Board 50ITA Cipolla, Andrea  2209½½½½ROU Geana, Dan  2284
Board 51ITA Viviani, Enrico  2203½½½½ROU CCE Rotaru, Ion  2284
Board 52ITA Sparnacini, Stefano  2168....ROU Zlatariu, Marin  2283
Board 53ITA Gueci, Tea  2166F½..½ROU Zlatariu, Marin  2283
Board 54ITA Sempio, Santino  2166½01½ROU Iordache, Claudiu  2280
Board 55ITA Pellegrinon, Fausto  21650011ROU Iordache, Claudiu  2280
Board 56ITA Pasta, Pietro  2164½01½ROU Moisa, Lucian  2280
Board 57ITA Visigalli, Cesare  2163½01½ROU Moisa, Lucian  2280
Board 58ITA SIM Gatto, Claudio  2126½½½½ROU SIM Cincă, Daniel  2276
Board 59ITA Tramacere, Salvatore  212211E0E0ROU SIM Cincă, Daniel  2276
Board 60ITA Gallo, Carlo  2117½01½ROU Popescu-Ruşavăţ, Ioan  2268
Board 61ITA Serrajotto, Marino  2117.01.ROU Berecz, Gavril  2243
Board 62ITA Capezzali, Roberto  2101½½½½ROU CCE Malisevschi, Cristian  2238
Board 63ITA Chatel, Maurizio  2089½10½ROU Nita, Catalin  2224
Board 64ITA Zaccaria, Vincenzo  2084½½½½ROU Nita, Catalin  2224
Board 65ITA Fedeli, Luciano  2083½½½½ROU Ploscaru, Stelian  2223
Board 66ITA Tozzi, Tullio  20700011ROU Ploscaru, Stelian  2223
Board 67ITA Milani, Oscar  2065½½½½ROU Molodiuc, Veaceslav  2221
Board 68ITA Ferlito, Gianfelice  20500½½1ROU Molodiuc, Veaceslav  2221
Board 69ITA Terminali, Giorgio  20300011ROU Dombi, Rudolf  2219
Board 70ITA Orlando, Emanuele  20221½½0ROU LIM Marin, Irina Luiza  2204
Board 71ITA Sulit, Froilan Jr.  20221½½0ROU LIM Marin, Irina Luiza  2204
Board 72ITA Marturano, Marco  2006½10½CAN IM Demian, Valer-Eugen  2199
Board 73ITA Zerbinati, Marco  2000S1100CAN IM Demian, Valer-Eugen  2199
Board 74ITA Gambardella, Gerardo  19881E0E1E0EROU Arsene, Marinel  2193
Board 75ITA Brusiani, Angelo  1979½01½ROU LIM Mihai, Eleonora Antonia  2190
Board 76ITA Vaccarella, Cristiano  19440E011EROU Nicolaescu, Nicolae  2167
Board 77ITA Bigando, Mauro  19431½½0ROU Praniţchi, Teodor  2155
Board 78ITA Sartori, Delfino  19180011ROU Ţicleanu, Ştefan  2119
Board 79ITA Pivirotto, Filiberto  18920D0D1D1DROU Antal, Istvan  2102
Board 80ITA Aulino, Giovanni  18590011ROU Vasile, Constantin  2091
Board 81ITA Oldrati, Pietro  18490011ROU Cornea, Alexandru  2062
Board 82ITA Blonna, Michele  1848F0E0E1E1EROU Uifelean, Andrei  2054
Board 83ITA Brancaleone, Sergio  18381010ROU Enachi, Mihai Victor  2034
Board 84ITA Secondi, Carlotta  18130011ROU Jugaru, Lucian  1998
Board 85ITA Bertaggia, Mirco  1805½½½½ROU Ardelean, Rusalim Pavel  1927
Board 86ITA Alexandrov, Bianca Alberta  1800P½0E1E½ROU Agachi, Laurentiu-Vasile  1899
Board 87ITA Appleby, Rob  1800P0011ROU Agachi, Laurentiu-Vasile  1899
Board 88ITA Bertaggia, Andrea  1800P1½½0ROU Afloarei, Jenica  1867
Board 89ITA Fornaro, Massimo  1800P0011ROU Afloarei, Jenica  1867
Board 90ITA Rossi, Andrea  1800P11E0E0ROU Ilascu C., Ioan  1853
Board 91ITA Ferrari, Giorgio  17690E0E1E1EROU Vasut, Zaharia  1821
Board 92ITA Boschesi, Giovanni  17630011ROU Gavrileteanu, Lucian  1800P
Board 93ITA Vaccari, Renato  17030011ROU Gavrileteanu, Lucian  1800P
Board 94ITA Cerina, Antonio  16060011ROU Sabin, Florea  1800P
Board 95ITA Parente, Massimo  15920011ROU Sabin, Florea  1800P
Board 96ITA Campani, Paolo  1587½10½ROU Roncea, Ioan  1792
Board 97ITA Esposito, Luigi  1541-C-C-C-CROU Baban, Catalin-Dumitru  1782
Board 98ITA Paulus, Kai Stephan  15310101ROU Gurgui, Dan-Constantin  1712
Board 99ITA Evangelisti, Massimo  1426½½½½ROU Calugar, Mihail  1709
Board 100ITA Secondi, Alberto  1385½½½½ROU Popa, Andrei  1583



XC = game cancelled
XD = result by default
XE = exceeded time limit
XP = provisional
XS = start rating

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 15, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 185

This is a server event.
The start date was 12/1/2018.
There is no end date.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days is used.
If a player exceeds allowed thinking time in any way, the player will automatically be scored with a loss. Under some circumstances all of the player’s games will subsequently be cancelled (if not already rated).
45 days of leave per year are available to each player.
There is no special leave in this event.
Linear conditionals can be entered.
This tournament allows claims based on the six piece tablebase. The 50-moves-rule is not applied in positions with seven or fewer pieces.
Draw offers are restricted to one offer per player every 10 moves (called the ten moves draw rule).
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule.
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Mastrojeni, Gianni.

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