CUB-SUI 2018, Cuba - Switzerland 2018

TD Sánchez Ródenas, Antonio (IA)
Hernández Molina, David E.
Rüfenacht, Matthias
Board 1CUB IM González Rabago, Nelson  2487½½½½SUI SIM Mayer, Roger  2487
Board 2CUB IM Pérez López, Alberto  2428½½½½SUI IM Terreaux, Gilles  2473
Board 3CUB CCM Rodríguez Fraga, Yoandy  2405½½½½SUI SIM Betker, Jörg  2441
Board 4CUB SIM Salcedo Mederos, Pablo  2380½½½½SUI CCM Moser, Reto  2387
Board 5CUB SIM Salcedo Mederos, Pablo  2380½½½½SUI IM Fessler, Stephan  2376
Board 6CUB Delgado Ramos, Héctor  2370½½½½SUI Säuberli, Guy  2366
Board 7CUB Delgado Ramos, Héctor  2370½½½½SUI CCM Maître, Fabien  2363
Board 8CUB SIM Hernández Molina, David E.  2351½½½½SUI Utzinger, Kurt  2348
Board 9CUB SIM Hernández Molina, David E.  2351½½½½SUI IM Baumgartner, Ulrich  2338
Board 10CUB CCM Vertíz Gutiérrez, Pedro  23461½½0SUI Weber-Widmer, Daniel A.  2335
Board 11CUB CCM Vertíz Gutiérrez, Pedro  2346½½½½SUI CCM Mouron, Daniel  2334
Board 12CUB CCM Vila Hernández, Carlos  23351½½0SUI CCE Wettstein, Klaus  2330
Board 13CUB CCM Vila Hernández, Carlos  2335½½½½SUI CCM Mislin, Roger  2324
Board 14CUB Pomares Díaz, Manuel Alejandro  2328F½½½½SUI CCM Salzmann, Stefan  2320
Board 15CUB CCM Menéndez Rodríguez, Giraldo  23091½½0SUI Zesiger, Horst  2316
Board 16CUB CCM Menéndez Rodríguez, Giraldo  2309½½½½SUI Müller, Martin  2312
Board 17CUB CCM Fernández Medina, Etienne  2293½½½½SUI Killer, Oliver  2310
Board 18CUB CCM Fernández Medina, Etienne  22931½½0SUI CCM Schoch, Thomas  2308
Board 19CUB CCM Fernández Medina, Etienne  2293½½½½SUI Ziegler, Pio  2304
Board 20CUB CCE Martínez Pinares, Kenny Walter  2279½10½SUI Wegelin, Reinhard  2297
Board 21CUB Utrera Zunda, Evelio  2259½10½SUI Sueess, Franz  2275
Board 22CUB Corujedo Hernández, Rafael  2253½½½½SUI Graf, Hans  2270
Board 23CUB Echenique Hilario, Miguel  2241F½½½½SUI Klaus, Emil  2253
Board 24CUB Echenique Hilario, Miguel  2241F0E½½1ESUI Preziuso, Toni  2251
Board 25CUB Vega Palma, Manuel  2234½½½½SUI Singeisen, Hermann  2231
Board 26CUB Vega Palma, Manuel  2234½½½½SUI Bislin-Wild, Roman  2218
Board 27CUB Vega Palma, Manuel  2234½½½½SUI Germann, Josef  2206
Board 28CUB Miraglia Ubals, Dante  21980½½1SUI Maeder, Jean-Claude  2173
Board 29CUB Cartaya Verdecia, Michael  2190½½½½SUI Tassone, Raffaele  2173
Board 30CUB Ronquillo Tamarit, Walfredo  2188½½½½SUI Haller, Philipp  2169
Board 31CUB Peiro Fernández, Juan Carlos  2175½10½SUI Steinhauser, Viktor  2161
Board 32CUB Peiro Fernández, Juan Carlos  21751½½0SUI Achermann, Josef  2149
Board 33CUB Tamayo Gutiérrez, Rommel  21241100SUI Strebel, Philipp  2147
Board 34CUB Tamayo Gutiérrez, Rommel  2124½½½½SUI Brönnimann, Peter  2113
Board 35CUB Tamayo Gutiérrez, Rommel  2124½10½SUI Blattner, Kurt  2106
Board 36CUB Pulido Pino, Rubén  2069½½½½SUI Dubois, Claude  2100
Board 37CUB Pulido Pino, Rubén  20691010SUI Baumann, Walter (sen)  2100
Board 38CUB Pulido Pino, Rubén  2069½10½SUI Lumsdon, Andrew  2096
Board 39CUB Pulido Pino, Rubén  20691½½0SUI Brundisch, Volker  2067
Board 40CUB Carballo Márquez, Luis M.  19770½½1SUI Müllhaupt, Philippe  2049
Board 41CUB Borges Medina, Juan R.  19220011SUI Burri, Peter  2010
Board 42CUB Carralero Rodríguez, Iván  1919½10½SUI Langenegger, Thomas  2010
Board 43CUB Carralero Rodríguez, Iván  1919
CUB Suárez Quesada, Alexis  1800P
1100SUI Baumann, Walter (jun)  1974
Board 44CUB Vázquez Fernández, Jorge   1800P1010SUI Dellenbach, Jean Paul  1962
Board 45CUB Otero Cabrera, Eduardo Narey  1800P0011SUI Martin, Philippe  1911
Board 46CUB Cruz Ramirez, Eliecer  1800P½½½½SUI Züger, Armin  1898
Board 47CUB Cruz Lemus, Ubaldo   1800P0011SUI Lang, Ferdinand  1845
Board 48CUB Herrera Soto, Manuel  1800P1010SUI Petit, Jean Gabriel  1800P
SUI GM Rüfenacht, Matthias  2522
Board 49CUB Jordán Rodríguez, Miguel Agustín  1800P1½½0SUI López-Neiger, Manuel-Pierre  1776
Board 50CUB Reyes Sablón, Alberto  1800P1100SUI Schenker, Leo  1418



XE = exceeded time limit
XP = provisional

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 100

This is a server event.
The start date was 9/5/2018.
There is no end date.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days is used.
If a player exceeds allowed thinking time in any way, the player will automatically be scored with a loss. Under some circumstances all of the player’s games will subsequently be cancelled (if not already rated).
45 days of leave per year are available to each player.
There is no special leave in this event.
Linear conditionals can be entered.
This tournament allows claims based on the six piece tablebase. The 50-moves-rule is not applied in positions with seven or fewer pieces.
Draw offers are restricted to one offer per player every 10 moves (called the ten moves draw rule).
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule (see ICCF rule
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Baumgartner, Ulrich.

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