UKR-USA 2018 , Ukraine - USA Friendly Match

TD Siikaluoma, Auno
Yeremenko, Andrei
Biedermann, Thomas
Board 1UKR GM Bubir, Alex Nikolaevich  2529½½½½USA GM Bokar, Jason  2539
Board 2UKR Mashchenko, Vladimir  24821½½0USA SIM Perry, Dan  2492
Board 3UKR CCE Khanas, Valeriy  2376½½½½USA CCM Biedermann, Kyle  2390
Board 4UKR Zelenyuk, Oleg  2359½½½½USA CCE Lewis, Chris  2366
Board 5UKR CCM Chaika, Leonid  2346½½½½USA Trent, Benjamin  2358
Board 6UKR Grinev, Valeriy  2341½01½USA CCE Kulick, Neil  2341
Board 7UKR Onoprichuk, Vladimir  2339½½½½USA CCE Harvey, Donald J.  2331
Board 8UKR Scherbov, Grigory  2321½½½½USA CCE Merrell, William S.  2310
Board 9UKR Garbar, Andrey  2300½½½½USA CCE Stephenson, Mark  2306
Board 10UKR LIM Voronina, Tatyana  2300½½½½USA Marbourg, Denny  2303
Board 11UKR CCE Yakovlyev, Sergiy  2294½½½½USA CCE Jenkins, Richard  2269
Board 12UKR Puzanov, Vasyl  2279½½½½USA Tedesco, Matthew  2266
Board 13UKR Rets, Yriy  2213½10½USA Ryan, Patrick J.  2205
Board 14UKR Bronnikov, Alexandr  21960011USA Ansel, Andy  2200
Board 15UKR Slyusar, Volodymyr  21941½½0USA Greig, Steve  2186
Board 16UKR Kochan, Igor  2184½½½½USA Gonzalez-Gigato, Jose  2175
Board 17UKR Kovalsky, Sergey  2175½½½½USA Haug, Geoffrey  2161
Board 18UKR Ilyin, Igor  2147½½½½USA Beres, Juraj  2156
Board 19UKR Gudok, Viktor  2145½½½½USA Deskin, Gary  2156
Board 20UKR Grynyuk, Vasyl  21421100USA Cross, Gregory W.  2131
Board 21UKR Novikov, Andrey  2133½½½½USA Nenneman, Daniel  2124
Board 22UKR Tatarska, Veronica  2121½01½USA Barr, Edward  2100
Board 23UKR Sazonov, Nikolaj  1932½½½½USA Capron, Mark  1946
Board 24UKR Pavlyk, Nazariy  1856F1½½0USA Jones, Casey  1871
Board 25UKR Shein, Alexandr  17540011USA Moujan, Pablo  1768
Board 26UKR Dubovik, Viktor  1800P1100USA Salaz, Jason  1800P
Board 27UKR Grigoryan, David  1800P1100USA Haws, Aaron  1800P
Board 28UKR Babychuk, Vladimir  2171½0E1E½USA Millett, John  1800P
Board 29UKR Popov, Olexander V.  1800P1100USA Franklin, Troy  1800P
Board 30UKR Yavdosiuk, Serafima  1800P1100USA Cadarett, Joseph  1800P



XE = exceeded time limit
XP = provisional

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 60

This is a server event.
The start date was 2/20/2018.
There is no end date.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days is used.
If a player exceeds allowed thinking time in any way, the player will automatically be scored with a loss. Under some circumstances all of the player’s games will subsequently be cancelled (if not already rated).
45 days of leave per year are available to each player.
There is no special leave in this event.
Linear conditionals can be entered.
This tournament allows claims based on the six piece tablebase. The 50-moves-rule is not applied in positions with seven or fewer pieces.
Draw offers are restricted to one offer per player every 10 moves (called the ten moves draw rule).
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule (see ICCF rule
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Doren, Dennis M..

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