GER-SWE 2016, Germany-Sweden 2016

TD Mrkvička, Josef
Board 1GER GM Müller, Gerhard (Osnabrück)  25711½½0SWE GM Persson, Conny  2562
Board 2GER GM Stephan, Jürgen  2568½½½½SWE GM Hedlund, Tony  2549
Board 3GER SIM Repp, Heinrich  2507½½½½SWE GM Rydholm, Lennart  2494
Board 4GER SIM Sikorsky, Horst  2506½½½½SWE SIM Mauritsson, Sebastian  2512
Board 5GER SIM Burgarth, Ulrich  24530011SWE SIM Forslöf, Lars  2471
Board 6GER SIM Blank, Wolfgang  2460½½½½SWE SIM Johansson, Krister  2460
Board 7GER SIM Bellmann, Herbert  2453½½½½SWE IM Dahlström, Rickard  2452
Board 8GER SIM Achilles, Edgar  2444½10½SWE IM Colin, Sonny  2437
Board 9GER Fichtner, Bernd  24071½½0SWE IM Sandström, Ludvig  2436
Board 10GER IM Zeihser, Michael  24051100SWE Dovrinder, Bengt-Olof  2409
Board 11GER Graefen, Klaus  2369½½½½SWE Eklund, Lars-Göran  2385
Board 12GER Höppenstein, Michael  23551½½0SWE IM Lindström, Bo  2368
Board 13GER Hanio, Josef  23351½½0SWE Larsson, Stig  2333
Board 14GER Müller, Achim (Hanau)  2331½10½SWE Pettersson, Kent  2324
Board 15GER Herbold, Manfred  2320½10½SWE Engwall, Clas  2301
Board 16GER Rohs, Rudolf  2318½½½½SWE Larsson, Mats  2287
Board 17GER IM Krebs, Jürgen  2281½½½½SWE SIM Bennborn, Jan  2283
Board 18GER Keitsch, Ulrich  2277½½½½SWE Brandberg, Joakim  2272
Board 19GER Köstner, Wolfgang  2261½½½½SWE Bredenhof, Bo  2237
Board 20GER Semmelroth, Heinz-Dieter  2260½01½SWE Brissman, Anders  2232
Board 21GER Hering, Hartmut  2250½½½½SWE Askelöf, Per  2230
Board 22GER Scholz, Gerfried  2239½½½½SWE Berg, Bo (Mölndal)  2225
Board 23GER Klischat, Helmut  2239½½½½SWE Nilsson, Lars G.  2223
Board 24GER Tratberger, Rainer  22201½½0SWE Melander, Birger  2222
Board 25GER Klewe, Wolfgang  2216½½½½SWE Orci, Istvan  2220
Board 26GER Lukas, Norbert  2206½10½SWE Westin, Åke  2106F
Board 27GER Fels, Bernhard  2199½½½½SWE Hellström, Bengt  1907F
Board 28GER Höxter, Heinrich  21971½½0SWE Björklund, Torbjörn  2192
Board 29GER Linke, Michael  21961½½0SWE Svensson, Christer  2190
Board 30GER Naeter, Burkhard  2196½½½½SWE Lundberg, Carl-Erik  2183
Board 31GER Knittel, Martin  2188½½½½SWE Franzén, Thomas  2171
Board 32GER Moedl, Willi  2179½½½½SWE Engberg, Hans  2170
Board 33GER Schmidt, Karl Heinz  2172½½½½SWE IM Kunzmann, Hector A.  2192
Board 34GER IM Fuhrwerk, Klaus  21721½½0SWE IM Josefsson, Kenneth  2120
Board 35GER Wedel, Lutz  2159½½½½SWE Johansson, Christer  2108
Board 36GER Egner, Michael  21591100SWE Pettersson, Thomas  2104
Board 37GER Schmidt, Torsten (Jessnitz)  2149½½½½SWE Malmdin, Nils Åke  2103
Board 38GER Heidtmann, Dirk  2134½½½½SWE Högsved, Hans  2100S
Board 39GER Riess, Bernhard  2118½½½½SWE Wegblad, Mikael  2093
Board 40GER Schiebener, Hans J.  2089
GER Wimmer, Ralph G.  2101
1½½0SWE Zeghachov, Djamel  2091
Board 41GER Meyer, Fritz  2069½½½½SWE Bäckström, Björn  2074
Board 42GER Kosirog, Nicolai  2068½½½½SWE Lövkvist, Sören  2073
Board 43GER Heiermann, Ludger  20541E½½0ESWE Melin, Per  2043
Board 44GER Granz, Thomas  20391½½0SWE Nilsson, Nils Åke  2027
Board 45GER Müller, Heiko  2034½½½½SWE Persson, Börje  2022
Board 46GER Giesel, Mario  20171100SWE Pettersson, Rolf  2018
Board 47GER Bieker, Peter  1991½01½SWE Karlsson, Benny  1995
Board 48GER Müller-Töpler, Michael  19680011SWE Hansson, Ronald  1988
Board 49GER Stevens, Michael  1904½10½SWE Johansson, Jan  1931
Board 50GER Martins, Karin  19000011SWE Hermansen, Rune  1907
Board 51GER Elias, Holger  18801100SWE Hagman, Mats  1906
Board 52GER Oker, Bertil  18251½½0SWE Andersson, Kjell-Åke  1906
Board 53GER Eichner, Luca  1800P0E0E1E1ESWE Englund, Jan  1899
Board 54GER Eichner, Enrico  1800P0½½1SWE Malmström, Jan  1834
Board 55GER Bonse, Harald  1800P0D0D1D1DSWE Lindqvist, Torgny  1824
Board 56GER Lemke, Burghard  1800P1100SWE Lindahl, Roland  1816
Board 57GER Schaffarth, Peter  1800P1100SWE Silfver, Tomas  1797
Board 58GER Krüger, Thorsten  1800P1½½0SWE Andersson, Sven Olof (Enköping)  1785
Board 59GER Pibernik, Dario  1702½01½SWE Reimhagen, Mats  1764
Board 60GER Wilshusen, Horst  16401½½0SWE Enoksson, Björn  1632



XD = result by default
XE = exceeded time limit
XP = provisional
XS = start rating

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 120

This is a server event.
The start date was 6/1/2016.
There is no end date.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days is used.
If a player exceeds allowed thinking time in any way, the player will automatically be scored with a loss. Under some circumstances all of the player’s games will subsequently be cancelled (if not already rated).
45 days of leave per year are available to each player.
There is no special leave in this event.
Linear conditionals can be entered.
This tournament allows claims based on the six piece tablebase.
Draw offers are essentially restricted to one offer per player per game (called the Code of Conduct draw rule). See 2017 Playing Rules-Server 2d and/or TD Manual-Server 11.3.3 for details.
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule.
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Rogemont, Alain.

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