GB/Si2014, C & DCCC Division 2 - Sinclair

TD Limbert, Neil (IA)
Bd 1Bd 2Bd 3Bd 4Bd 5Bd 6Bd 7Bd 8TotalFGRGWins
1ENG Essex CAbbott, S.001½1111110½111E1E1216011
2ENG Yorkshire CBeckett, Phillip J.11E½0½011111111001116010
3ENG SuffolkBuis, Jim111E11½11½½00½½009.51607
4ENG StaffordshireDavies, Andrew P.11110E011001100½08.51608
5ENG Northumberland ASmith, Christian1A½0011E1100½½00118.51607
6ENG LincolnshireSherlock, Peter11000½00½1½1½½118.51606
7ENG Essex DAbbott, S.0000E½100110011E117.51607
8ENG Warwickshire BEscott, Keith L.0011½100½½00½10061604
9ENG DurhamFindlay, John M.½0A0D0D000000110½1½4.51603
10ENG MerseysideDavis, John0E01D1D0½000½½½0E00E0E41602

1st playerBoardTeamWhiteBlackWhiteBlack2nd playerBoardTeam
Pairing 1ENG Ewan, Rod22491Staffordshire1100ENG Strachan, Gavin1900P1Essex D
Pairing 2ENG Ackley, Peter20651Warwickshire B0011ENG Russell, Harry1900P1Lincolnshire
Pairing 3ENG Oswald, Graeme1900P1Durham½0A1A½ENG Dargan, Paul A. G.21451Northumberland A
Pairing 4ENG Frith, Shane21041Yorkshire C11E0E0ENG Sartain, Kevin 1900P1Merseyside
Pairing 5ENG Wallis, Ian J.20481Suffolk1100ENG Philpott, John1900P1Essex C
Pairing 6ENG Primrose, Jo20532Yorkshire C½01½ENG Fleury, Martin21552Essex C
Pairing 7ENG Gazis, George1900P2Durham0D0D1D1DENG O'Mahoney, Mike1900P2Merseyside
Pairing 8ENG Hart, J. S.1900P2Warwickshire B1100ENG Wheeler, John D.1900P2Northumberland A
Pairing 9ENG IM Anderton, David William24222Staffordshire1100ENG Coates, David1900P2Lincolnshire
Pairing 10ENG Jones, Bob1900P2Suffolk1E100EENG Berlin, Howard1900P2Essex D
Pairing 11ENG Pritchard, David J.1900P3Staffordshire0E011EENG Weldon, David J.22113Northumberland A
Pairing 12ENG Green, Anthony J.1900P3Warwickshire B½10½ENG Owens, David1900P3Merseyside
Pairing 13ENG James, David1900P3Durham0011ENG Sargent, John M.21763Essex C
Pairing 14ENG Grummitt, William19803Yorkshire C½01½ENG Peck, Silas1900P3Suffolk
Pairing 15ENG Ludlow, Russell1900P3Lincolnshire0½½1ENG Beddoe, Bob1900P3Essex D
Pairing 16ENG Renton, Dave1900P4Durham0011ENG Revell, Philip W.22454Suffolk
Pairing 17ENG Reynolds, R.1900P4Warwickshire B0011ENG Ruthen, Stephen W.21144Essex C
Pairing 18ENG Carr, Matthew1900P4Staffordshire1100ENG Morley, Tony1900P4Merseyside
Pairing 19ENG Eastlake, Phil1900P4Northumberland A1100ENG Kok, Herman1900P4Lincolnshire
Pairing 20ENG Williamson, Dawn L.20544Yorkshire C1100ENG Twitchell, Neville H.19604Essex D
Pairing 21ENG Dolan, Raymond1900P5Staffordshire0011ENG Rook, Ian R.21015Essex C
Pairing 22ENG Marchant, Arnold1900P5Warwickshire B½½½½ENG Greenacre, Kevin1900P5Suffolk
Pairing 23ENG Findlay, John M.1900P5Durham0011ENG Beckett, Phillip J.19085Yorkshire C
Pairing 24ENG Cornwall, Gary1900P5Northumberland A0011ENG Eustace, David1900P5Essex D
Pairing 25ENG Clarke, Mike1900P5Merseyside0½½1ENG Scott, Ian1900P5Lincolnshire
Pairing 26CAN Turner, Jon1900P6Warwickshire B0011ENG Graham, Oliver19816Yorkshire C
Pairing 27ENG Anderton, Doreen1900P6Staffordshire1100ENG Buis, Jim1900P6Suffolk
Pairing 28ENG Chilvers, Kerry1900P6Essex C0½½1ENG Sherlock, Peter1900P6Lincolnshire
Pairing 29ENG Butterworth, Joe1900P6Merseyside½½½½ENG Etherington, J.21086Northumberland A
Pairing 30ENG Knapton, Geoff 1900P6Durham1100ENG Keehner, John1900P6Essex D
Pairing 31ENG Burgoyne, Doug A.1900P7Staffordshire0011POL Różański, Robert18877Yorkshire C
Pairing 32ENG Brown, Noel A.1900P7Warwickshire B½10½ENG Robinson, Brian17277Durham
Pairing 33ENG Cowell, Russell1900P7Merseyside0E011EENG Harding, C. F. J.1900P7Essex D
Pairing 34ENG Clow, Ken1900P7Essex C1100ENG Smith, Mike1900P7Northumberland A
Pairing 35ENG Stephens, Bob1900P7Suffolk½½½½ENG Irwin, James1900P7Lincolnshire
Pairing 36ENG Davies, Andrew P.1900P8Staffordshire½01½ENG Jacques, David1900P8Durham
Pairing 37ENG Clark, Michael18238Yorkshire C0011ENG Fischer, Paul G.1900P8Lincolnshire
Pairing 38ENG Tulic, Jakob1900P8Suffolk0011ENG Morton, John1900P8Northumberland A
Pairing 39ENG Killeen, Rob1900P8Essex C1E1E0E0EENG Johnson, Mike1900P8Merseyside
Pairing 40ENG Malka, Nigel1900P8Warwickshire B0011ENG Thomson, Philip1900P8Essex D

XA = result by adjudication
XD = result by default
XE = exceeded time limit
XP = provisional

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 80

Welcome to the Counties & District CC Championships Division 2 (Sinclair) 2014/15.
There are 10 teams, with 8 boards per team, organised into 40 matches on the server.
The top two teams will be promoted to Division 1 (Ward-Higgs). The bottom two teams will be relegated to Division 3 (Butler-Thomas).

For the first time, the whole of the tournament (games & team crosstable) is all available in one place. To view the team crosstable: from your game-board go to "Event", "Show Crosstable" then "Event", "Team crosstable". You can also view every single game in the tournament live, as it progresses!

If you are new to the Server, please note:-
To make a valid move, make a move on your board & press "submit". One final check of the resulting position and then press "Commit".
Although the clock won't begin counting down until the official start date, you can commence playing immediately
If you take longer than 15 days for any one move, your clock starts to move twice as fast (called "duplication"). Designed to prevent slow play.
You are not allowed to take longer than 40 days over any one move; if you do, you default the game even if you have time left on the clock. Also designed to prevent slow play.

This is a server event.
The start date was 11/1/2014.
The end date was 8/31/2015.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 35 days with duplication after 15 days is used.
Games are stopped if a player exceeds his thinking time. A claim by the opponent is required.
14 days of leave per year are available to each player.
Special leave can be requested from the TD.
This tournament allows claims based on the six piece tablebase.
Team ties are broken by the Hutton tie breaking rule.
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Limbert, Neil.

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