NED-RUS 2014, Netherlands - Russia 2014

TD De Blois Figueredo, Adrián (IA)
Jansen, Joop
Pavlikov, Andrey Nikolaevich
Board 1NED Burg, Twan  2589½½½½RUS GM Perevertkin, Vladimir Viktorovich  2611
Board 2NED SIM Vlasveld, W. Martin  2508½½½½RUS SIM Emelyanov, Mikhail Nikolaevich  2520
Board 3NED SIM Westera, Bert  2463½½½½RUS SIM Churkin, Mikhail Mikhailovich  2490
Board 4NED SIM Jansen, Joop  24011100RUS SIM Baklanov, Valentin Petrovich  2360
Board 5NED SIM Tazelaar, H. J. A.  2389½01½RUS IM Tleptsok, Ruslan Aslanovich  2467
Board 6NED Poell, Johan H. M.  2386½01½RUS IM Kurgansky, Vitaly Ivanovich  2399
Board 7NED Lagendijk, Simon  2357½½½½RUS IM Shishkov, Pavel Aleksandrovich  2385
Board 8NED Dullemond, Herman  23400011RUS IM Ivanov, Boris Vladimirovich  2380
Board 9NED Thierry, Rein D. J.  2308½01½RUS Tyulenko, Yuri Viktorovich  2448
Board 10NED Heer, Machiel de  2231F½½½½RUS Ryazanov, Anton Viktorovich  2397
Board 11NED Burg, Brent  2235F0E0E1E1ERUS Chukanov, Igor Anatolievich   2396
Board 12NED Leenders, Chris  22801010RUS Ananskikh, Evgeny Nikolaevich  2393
Board 13NED Kragten, Johannes Antonius  2278½½½½RUS Dolya, Anatoly Leonidovich  2379
Board 14NED Vosselman, Jan M.  2285½½½½RUS Filipchenko, Vladimir Mikhailovich  2378
Board 15NED Ruwette, J. M. C. P.  2278½½½½RUS Glukhov, Aleksandr Valerievich  2375
Board 16NED Galjé, Hans  2180½½½½RUS Ganiev, Ildar Munirovich  2371
Board 17NED IM Legemaat, Gert  2237½½½½RUS Lobanov, Aleksandr Vladimirovich  2366
Board 18NED Daatselaar, Jan Bart van  22030½½1RUS Larin, Igor Yaroslavovich  2345
Board 19NED Plas, Rob van der  2221½01½RUS Kolpak, Sergey Fedorovich  2339
Board 20NED Lentjes, Noud  2051F0D0D1D1DRUS Savin, Vladimir Petrovich  2334
Board 21NED Velker, Wim  2173½01½RUS Mishin, Anatoly Valentinovich  2330
Board 22NED Frijling, Jeroen  2151½½½½RUS Glushenkov, Sergey Aleksandrovich   2303
Board 23NED Kögeler, Aart  2136½01½RUS Iordanyan, Eduard Mikhailovich  2302
Board 24NED Gool, Jeroen J. W. van  21220011RUS Nechaev, Aleksey Nikolaevich  2280
Board 25NED Raan, Jos M. van  20541½½0RUS Karpanov, Vyacheslav Konstantinovich  2260
Board 26NED Leijen, Peter  2007½01½RUS Abdulmanov, Eduard Nafikhovich  2260
Board 27NED Schellens, Marcel  19410011RUS Gromov, Sergey Vasilievich  2247
Board 28NED Cornelisse, John J. A.  1915½½½½RUS LIM Dmitrieva, Galina Vladimirovna  2228
Board 29NED Dijk, Henk van  1800P1½½0RUS Povarov, Valery Aleksandrovich  2168
Board 30NED Vriens, Huib  1800P1010RUS Shabaev, Vladimir Nikolaevich  2153
Board 31NED Bottema, Timo  1800P0011RUS Krutov, Aleksandr Pavlovich  2114
Board 32NED Spoor, Eric  1800P0½½1RUS Churkina, Natalya Evgenyevna  1800P
Board 33NED Holtrop, Bernard  19340011RUS Churakova, Natalya Evgenyevna  1800P



XD = result by default
XE = exceeded time limit
XP = provisional

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 66

This is a server event.
The start date was 2/1/2014.
There is no end date.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days is used.
Games are stopped if a player exceeds his thinking time. A claim by the opponent is required.
45 days of leave per year are available to each player.
There is no special leave in this event.
This tournament allows claims based on the six piece tablebase.
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule (see ICCF rule
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Pavlikov, Andrey Nikolaevich.

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