CUB-USA 2013, Cuba - USA Friendly Match

TD Pérez Pérez, Armando Alexis
Board 1CUB González Cubertier, José M.  2398½½½½USA O'Connell, C.  2387
Board 2CUB Góngora Reyes, Liuber  2314½½½½USA Meiners, Edwin  2327
Board 3CUB Góngora Reyes, Liuber  2314½01½USA Brooks, Michael  2306
Board 4CUB Vega Palma, Manuel  2285½01½USA Gleyzer, Leonid  2301
Board 5CUB Fernández Medina, Etienne  2283½01½USA Villarreal, Brian  2283
Board 6CUB Hernandez Fernandez, Noel  22350½½1USA Stone, George  2260
Board 7CUB Vila Hernández, Carlos  2209½½½½USA Biedermann, Kyle  2224
Board 8CUB Vila Hernández, Carlos  2209½½½½USA Young, Scott D.  2223
Board 9CUB Vila Hernández, Carlos  22091½½0USA Merrell, William S.  2223
Board 10CUB de la Rosa Solórzano, José Guillermo  2196½½½½USA Leonard, Andrew  2215
Board 11CUB de la Rosa Solórzano, José Guillermo  21960½½1USA Ryan, Patrick J.  2210
USA Beres, Juraj  2201
Board 12CUB Quesada Chow, Ismael Adán  2193½0E1E½USA Beres, Juraj  2201
Board 13CUB Quesada Chow, Ismael Adán  219310D1D0USA Robledo Sr, Mark  2190
Board 14CUB Quesada Chow, Ismael Adán  2193½0E1E½USA Edwards, K. E. D. G.  2185
Board 15CUB Menéndez Rodríguez, Giraldo  2191½½½½USA Ansel, Andy  2180
Board 16CUB Jaime Chávez, Armando  21911100USA Shipman, Joseph  2167
Board 17CUB Corujedo Hernández, Rafael  2149½½½½USA Ellis, Mark  2130
Board 18CUB Ronquillo Tamarit, Walfredo  21241½½0USA Jenkins, Richard  2117
Board 19CUB Cartaya Verdecia, Michael  2109½½½½USA Barr, Edward  2105
Board 20CUB Cartaya Verdecia, Michael  21091½½0USA Lupienski, Edward  2097
Board 21CUB Cartaya Verdecia, Michael  21091100USA Munoz, Lazaro  2082
Board 22CUB Cruz de la Osa, Reyder  18960011USA Aiken, Richard  1934
Board 23CUB Cruz de la Osa, Reyder  18960011USA Cofer, David  1878
Board 24CUB Torres Valdés, Frank  18531½½0USA Jarmuz, Frederick  1874
Board 25CUB Torres Valdés, Frank  18531E½½0EUSA Van Buren, Harry  1854
Board 26CUB Torres Valdés, Frank  18530E½½1EUSA Carter, Maurice H.  1827
Board 27CUB Ramírez Sánchez, Alien  17301½½0USA Huff, David C.  1775
Board 28CUB Ramírez Sánchez, Alien  17301100USA Zenkov, Viktor  1773
Board 29CUB Pérez López, Alberto  1800P½½½½USA Sylvander, D.  1800P
Board 30CUB Pérez López, Alberto  1800P½01½USA Zimmerman, Ian T.  1800P
Board 31CUB Pérez López, Alberto  1800P1100USA Lyons, Anthony W.  1800P
Board 32CUB Pérez Rodríguez, Rubén  1800P1100USA Berthelot, Paul  1800P
Board 33CUB Pérez Rodríguez, Rubén  1800P1100USA Knouse, Charles  1800P
Board 34CUB Pérez Rodríguez, Rubén  1800P1100USA Fischvogt, Eric V.  1800P
Board 35CUB Pérez Vázquez, Gerardo Luis  1800P½01½USA DiJoseph, John  1800P
Board 36CUB Pérez Vázquez, Gerardo Luis  1800P½01½USA McCann, David  1800P
Board 37CUB Pérez Vázquez, Gerardo Luis  1800P1010USA Levin, Jeffrey  1800P
Board 38CUB Menéndez Rodríguez, Giraldo  2191
CUB Solá, Modesto  1800P
1100USA Dessert, Christopher  1800P
Board 39CUB Menéndez Rodríguez, Giraldo  2191
CUB Solá, Modesto  1800P
1100USA Devaraj, Vasudevan  1800P
Board 40CUB Solá, Modesto  1800P1100USA Blanchard, Alan  1800P
Board 41CUB Vertíz Gutiérrez, Pedro  1800P½10½USA Sloan, Justin  1800P
Board 42CUB Vertíz Gutiérrez, Pedro  1800P½01½USA Geier, Timothy  1800P



XD = result by default
XE = exceeded time limit
XP = provisional

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 84

This is a server event.
The start date was 12/12/2013.
There is no end date.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days is used.
Games are stopped if a player exceeds his thinking time. A claim by the opponent is required.
30 days of leave per year are available to each player.
Special leave can be requested from the Special Leave Office.
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule.
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Doren, Dennis M..

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