NED-USA 2013, USA-Netherlands Friendly Match

TD Jansen, Joop
Ingersol, Harry
Jansen, Joop
Board 1USA SIM Biedermann, Thomas  24280½½1NED Burg, Twan  2478F
Board 2USA Ingersol, Harry  2396½½½½NED IM Tienhoven, Richard M. van  2410
Board 3USA IM Ballow, John  2395½½½½NED SIM Jansen, Joop  2408
Board 4USA O'Connell, C.  2394½½½½NED SIM Tazelaar, H. J. A.  2398
Board 5USA Parsons, Larry  23341100NED Dullemond, Herman  2349
Board 6USA IM Schakel, Corky  2328½½½½NED Lagendijk, Simon  2343
Board 7USA Meiners, Edwin  23271100NED Poel, Evert W.  2316
Board 8USA Moldovan, John P.  2307½½½½NED Thierry, Rein D. J.  2306
Board 9USA Brooks, Michael  22981½½0NED Ploeg, Geert Roelof van der  2301
Board 10USA Gleyzer, Leonid  2282½01½NED Ploeg, Geert Roelof van der  2301
Board 11USA Eilmes, Donald P.  22801010NED Galjé, Hans  2287
Board 12USA White, David V.  2272½½½½NED Nieuwland, A. Huib  2267
Board 13USA Sharpell, Fred H.  22630½½1NED Hanssen, Frans W. G.  2261
Board 14USA Grout, Stephen C.  22431½½0NED Massy, Giel  2258
Board 15USA Merrell, William S.  2236½½½½NED Daatselaar, Jan Bart van  2237
Board 16USA Harabor, Mihai  2223½½½½NED Daatselaar, Jan Bart van  2237
Board 17USA Doren, Dennis M.  2230½10½NED IM Legemaat, Gert  2229
Board 18USA Ryan, Patrick J.  2205½½½½NED Velker, Wim  2201
Board 19USA Stone, George  2193½½½½NED Kuiphof, Henk  2183
NED Schulenberg, Henk A. T.  2167
Board 20USA Robledo Sr, Mark  21771½½0NED Geus, Jan  2178
Board 21USA Ledford, Steven O.  2176½½½½NED Geus, Jan  2178
Board 22USA Leonard, Andrew  21711½½0NED Schulenberg, Henk A. T.  2167
Board 23USA Magat, Gordon  21661½½0NED Geus, Alan de  2167
Board 24USA Edwards, K. E. D. G.  21581½½0NED Kögeler, Aart  2165
Board 25USA Biedermann, Kyle  21521100NED Kögeler, Aart  2165
Board 26USA Biedermann, Kyle  21521100NED Weseman, G. Frans J.  2139
Board 27USA Cousins, Robert  1926F1100NED Weseman, G. Frans J.  2139
Board 28USA Ballard, David  21201100NED Gool, Jeroen J. W. van  2123
Board 29USA Leisner, Jon S.  2113½½½½NED Gool, Jeroen J. W. van  2123
Board 30USA Ellis, Mark  20971½½0NED Rijk, Jan Th. N. de  2104
Board 31USA Barr, Edward  20961½½0NED Ruiter, Tom de  2089
Board 32USA Weiss, Lester P.  20671½½0NED Smit, Frans P.  2063
Board 33USA Jenkins, Richard  2056½½½½NED Raan, Jos M. van  2062
Board 34USA Cross, Gregory W.  2044½01½NED IM Oomen, A. M. J. G. M.  2058
Board 35USA Lupienski, Edward  20401½½0NED Kruimer, Wim H. J.  2037
Board 36USA Galvin, John H.  2035½½½½NED Kruimer, Wim H. J.  2037
Board 37USA Haag, Russell A.  2030½½½½NED Breederveld, Heyme  2017
Board 38USA Quirk, Michael  2012½½½½NED Tieken, Frank  2017
Board 39USA Ellis, James R.  20101½½0NED Visser, Arno de  1988
Board 40USA Le Roux, Jaun  20070011NED Rotte, Peter  1986
Board 41USA DiJoseph, John  1800P0011NED Braak, Jelle van den  1980
Board 42USA Hayden, Michael V.  19890011NED Neijhof, Ron A. van  1975
Board 43USA Ray, Douglas  19400011NED Bes, Rob N. M.  1968
Board 44USA Haug, Geoffrey  19371½½0NED Stallinga, Hein  1937
Board 45USA Joseph, Peter D.  19310011NED Stallinga, Hein  1937
Board 46USA Henderson, Scot  19280011NED Stoelwinder, Wiebe  1936
Board 47USA Korman, Joseph  1902½½½½NED Stoelwinder, Wiebe  1936
Board 48USA Zenkov, Viktor  18970011NED Linden, Willem van der  1890
Board 49USA Knouse, Charles  1800P0011NED Weggen, Rick  1839
Board 50USA Capron, Mark  1800P1100NED Weggen, Rick  1839
Board 51USA Adler, Eugene  1800P½10½NED Grimbergen, Matthijs G. J.  1800P
Board 52USA Patterson, Hugh  1800P0011NED Prieckaerts, Paul J. M.  1800P
Board 53USA Wells, Sterling  1800P0011NED Eshuis, Hans  1800P
Board 54USA Burke, Michael  1800P0101NED Holtrop, Bernard  1800P
Board 55USA Isaacman, Scott  1800P0011NED Hoekstra, IJntze  1800P
Board 56USA Arnold, Eric  1800P1½½0NED Buyvoets, Harry B. M.  1800P
Board 57USA Askvig, Brent  17950011NED Westermann, O. A.  1800P
Board 58USA Cofer, David  17651½½0NED Koopmans, Perry  1739
Board 59USA Brzezinski, Brian  17641½½0NED Koopmans, Perry  1739
Board 60USA Relyea, Alexander  17631100NED Lonnee, Gerard A.  1728
Board 61USA Huff, David C.  17541100NED Lonnee, Gerard A.  1728
Board 62USA Trujillo, Julian  1800P1010NED Kemperman, Hans  1721
Board 63USA Bate, Gene  16910½½1NED Niewold, Jaap  1656
Board 64USA Towery, Bryan  16750011NED Niewold, Jaap  1656



XP = provisional

Not yet started: 0, Ongoing: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 128

This is a server event.
The start date was 4/11/2013.
There is no end date.
ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 50 days with duplication after 20 days is used.
Games are stopped if a player exceeds his thinking time. A claim by the opponent is required.
30 days of leave per year are available to each player.
Special leave can be requested from the Special Leave Office.
Linear conditionals can be entered.
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule (see ICCF rule
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the server.
This event is organized by Doren, Dennis M..

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