CCO14/S1 Board 3, 1. Email-Olympiad section 1 Board 3

TD Berthelsen, Roald (IA)
Category 8 GM=8 SIM=7 IM=6 LGM=4 LIM=2123456789101112ScoreSBRGPlace
1ARG20034GMMorgado, Juan Sebastián2602Team 71½½½½½½1111838.7501
2IND280118 Santhosh, Matthew Paul2331Team 40½11½1½½111837.2502
3RUS141166IMRomanov, Sergey Anatolievich2535Team 1½½½½10½11117.535.503
4SLO480086 Novak, Jože2408Team 9½0½01½1½1½16.53004
5SUI100179SIMGysi, Adolf2483Team 6½0½1½½½½½116.529.7505
6SVK950177IMMiciak, Emanuel2416Team 10½½00½½1½1½1627.506
7SCG540545 Vukosavljević, Milan2417Team 12½01½½½½½010D528.507
8BUL50157 Kostakiev, Dimitar2498Team 11½½½0½0½½½½1523.7508
9SWE450619 Lagerborg, Krister2402Team 50½0½½½½½01152109
10MEX340040IMGuizar, Clemente2370Team 20000½01½111518.25010
11NED370177IMRaijmaekers, René C. H.2445Team 3000½0½0½0012.58.75011
12KEN881004 Gohil, Mehoul2200PTeam 80000000D000000012

XD = result by default
XP = provisional

Not finished: 0, Adjudication pending: 0, Finished: 66

GM norm achieved by: Morgado, Juan Sebastián; Santhosh, Matthew Paul
SIM norm achieved by: Romanov, Sergey Anatolievich; Santhosh, Matthew Paul
IM norm achieved by: Santhosh, Matthew Paul; Novak, Jože

This event is played by email.
The start date was 9/25/2000.
The end date was 6/30/2003.
30 days of leave per year are available to each player.
Special leave can be requested from the TD.
Individual ties are broken by the Sonneborn-Berger tie breaking rule. This applies to board cross tables.
Team ties are broken by the board points tie breaking rule (see ICCF rule This applies to the team cross table.
If needed, adjudicators will be selected by the TD.
Where game scores are available:
Other participants can see the games only when they are finished, and at least 0 games are finished in the event.
The public can see the games only when they are finished, and at least 0 games are finished in the event.
This event is organized by Finkelstein, José Daniel.

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