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Bendaña Guerrero, Guy José

Bendaña Guerrero, Guy José

Bendaña Guerrero, Guy José

Article provided by: Guy José Bendaña Guerrero


Guy José Bendaña Guerrero

Messrs. Julio Ramírez de Arellano and Emilio Cruz founded LINICAP in 1967, which changed of name in 2005 as Liga Nicaragüense de Ajedrez a Distancia (LINICAD). They were the only ones who participated in correspondence chess tournaments at that time.

During the 1970s, a group of young enthusiasts joined them. Edmundo Pavón, Bert Bradford, Hamlet García, Jaime Ríos, Alonso Allen, Clemente Guido, René Guido and Guy José Bendaña Guerrero, among others, participated in CC tournaments. In 1980 Mr. Julio Ramírez de Arellano achieved the title of Latin American Correspondence Chess Master, which was later also obtained by Guy José Bendaña Guerrero, who in 1989 obtained the Correspondence International Master title and in 2008 the title of Senior International Master. Mr. Fabricio Orlando González obtained the title of Correspondence International Master title. At present (2011) Nicaragua has more Correspondence chess players than the Central American countries.


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