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TransmissionShort NameNameStart dateCategoryWinner(s)

Postal PER-30/A Torneo XXX Aniversario LIPEAP group A 10/5/2002 10 Toro SolĂ­s de Ovando, Guillermo F.; Acevedo Villalba, Angel; Weber, Jean-Marie
Postal PER-30/B Torneo XXX Aniversario LIPEAP group B 8/1/2002 5 Bellegotti, Mario
Postal PER-15/A 15 Years Peru section A 2/15/1988 Redolfi, Rodolfo Argentino
Postal PER-15/B 15 Years Peru section B 2/15/1988 Biella Bianchi, Dario

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