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Sunday, September 1, 2013: August 2013

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August 2013


I. Nomination of Qualification Commissioner

The ICCF Executive Board has appointed Mariusz Wojnar (POL) as Qualification
Commissioner with immediate effect.
Neil Limbert (ENG) has expressed his desire to step down for personal reasons and on
behalf of the entire ICCF community, we would like to express to him our sincere thanks
for the work he has done during the last 4 years as Qualification Commissioner. Under his
guidance, the qualifications rules have been modernized and many new features have been
implemented on the ICCF webserver.
Thanks you Neil for all the excellent work and results you have provided
Mariusz Wojnar is known to many ICCF Delegates, officials and players for having
organized the last ICCF Congress held in Krakow last month. He was also the main
organizer of the Diamond Jubilee World Cup in 2011 and the main author of the Diamond
We wish Mariusz good luck in this new important position!

II. ICCF EB / MC Organization Chart

The ICCF organization chart has been updated following the election / nomination that have
taken place during and after Congress.
The list of ICCF officials can also be found on the website

III. Help requested

ICCF is looking for volunteers to write some help files for the server (the idea is for there to
be a series of articles for TOs, TDs, National Delegates and of course players, describing
the various server functions, possibly with screensots, etc)
This is the one area in which the server is still very poor.
If there is anyone who is interested in contributing to this project, they should contact either
Austin Lockwood or Gino Figlio.

IV. Tournaments

Olympiad 16 Final
The winner and gold medalist of the Olympiad 16 Final is now officially known. The team
of the Czech Republic has secured the first place.

Postal Jubilee World Cup. Preliminaries
The Preliminaries of Diamond Jubilee World Cup Postal were scheduled to stop on
September 1, 2013, with all unfinished games that would decide promotion to be
Currently there are still 62 opened games, concerning 64 players: it would be impossible to
adjudicate so many games!
Therefore, it has been decided to postpone the closing of World Cup 19 Postal
Preliminaries to March 1st, 2014.

Semi-finals of the ICCF Diamond Jubilee Webserver World Cup 18 – initiated
Preliminaries of World Cup 18 organized by Polish CC Federation started on 2011-10-30
with 844 players in 65 server sections and ended on 2013-06-01. Several unfinished games
were adjudicated or allowed to be continued.
The semi-final stage was opened to the 2 top players of each preliminary section. In
addition, those players who qualified for previous editions of World Cup Finals were also
entitled to play – unless, they exploited their right already. Special invitation was
addressed to participants of the ICCF Golden Jubilee Final tournaments in order to
bridge both 50th and 60th Anniversaries of ICCF. All participants of the “ICCF 50 Jubilee
Email Final” and the first 13 players (out of 104) of the “ICCF 50 Jubilee Postal Final“were
Taking into account number of entries organizer decided to launch 12 semi-final groups - 13
players each, in total 156 entries. All sections are category 5 with title norms (SIM=9/12,
IM=8). Only the group winner (ties to be decided by points evaluation) will be promoted to
the World Cup 18 final. The official start date is 2013-08-30. There is a fixed closing date
of 2015-04-01. After the end date all unfinished games are called for adjudication. Prize for
a semi-final group winner: 1 free entry in any Direct Entry tournament of his choice valid
for 1 year (tie-breaking applies).

Veterans World Cup 6
The Veterans World Cup 6 preliminary sections will officially start on September 1st.
This year, a new record has been established with 544 entries (about 16% more than in the
5th Veterans World Cup).
A great thank to the organizing team from the BdF and to all the ICCF officials and
Delegates who have advertised the event and make it so popular!

Announcement of the World Cup 20. Preliminaries
The announcement of the preliminary stage of the World Cup 20 has been published on the
ICCF website.
The information has not yet been set to all Delegates.
Please inform all your players that the registration is now open.


Eric Ruch

ICCF President

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