World Correspondence Chess Championship Cycle

Tuesday, January 1, 2013: Preliminaries-37th WCCC

Gian-Maria Tani

Title Tournaments Commissioner

E-mail: ttc@iccf.com






Following the decisions of the ICCF Congress 2011, all Preliminary Sections of the World Correspondence Chess Championship shall start on the same day and only once per year.


The start date of the Preliminaries of the 37th WCCC is March 20, 2013.


All entries will be accepted according with ICCF Tournament Rules valid as from January 1st, 2013, to be received not later than February 15, 2013.


Member Federations Nominations (MFN) for the Preliminaries should also be submitted before February 17, 2013. MFN for 2012 cannot be used for 2013 WC Cycle.


Preliminary Sections normally have 13 players with the possibility for the TTC to extend them to 15 or 17 players (or reduce to 11 players) if appropriate in special situations.

If the number of the entries won’t be a multiple of 13, the players who have been entered according to points 1.1.1.(k) and who have the lowest ICCF ELO rating won’t be admitted to the Preliminaries.


Players entering more than one section will be accepted only to fill vacancies.


All entries must include the following: name of the player, ICCF ID number, address (email and/or postal where relevant), country code.

It is also mandatory that the qualification right under Tournament Rules 1.1 should be specified for each entry.


The ICCF Executive Board asks that all ICCF Delegates ensure that this important information is made available in all national CC magazines and websites. It is the responsibilty of Delegates to ensure that all players are made aware of these arrangements.


Any questions and/or requests for clarification should be directed to the ICCF Title Tournaments Commissioner, Gian-Maria Tani ttc@iccf.com.


Torino, January 1, 2013

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