ICCF Diamond Jubilee 1st Chess 960 World Cup

Sunday, October 21, 2012: All preliminary sections are now complete!

After 1 year and 522 games, the preliminary rounds are finished.

These are the qualified players:

1: Stanach (POL) and Papenin (UKR)

2: Schweer (GER) and Zhak (RUS) + Weber-Widmer (SUI) as best third

3: Kribben, Matthias (GER) and Johnston (HKG)

4: Tkachenko (UKR) and Nickel (GER)

5: Zidu (CZE) and Kinchant (NZL)

6: Jørgensen (DEN) and Ebert (GER)

7: Noble (NZL) and Geiser (SUI)

8: Efremov (RUS) and Evans (ENG)

9: Oliveira (BRA) and Cintins (USA)

10: Pierzak (POL) and Würschner (SVK)

11: Rogos (SVK) and Randolph (USA)

12: Horvat (SLO) and Ylönen (FIN)

13: Kubicki (POL) and Isigkeit (GER)

14: Kubicki (POL) and Pichushkin (RUS)

15: Dzwikowski (POL) and Hybl (CZE)

16: Wojnar (POL) and Eldridge (ENG)

17: Kribben, Johannes (GER) and Hybl (CZE)

The semifinal rounds will start on November, 15th with 7 sections and 5 players each.

Qualifications for the Final round: the winner of each section + 2 best second [in case of same score will be prefered number of wins (Baumbach tiebreaking), then SB of own section, then highest ELO] .

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