Closure of old website

Wednesday, September 19, 2012: Web requests to http://www.iccf.com will be redirected to the playing server from 1st October 2012

Dear Chess Friends,

Much of the information currently hosted at http://www.iccf.com has been transferred in recent weeks to http://www.iccf-webchess.com in preparation for the establishment of a single, integrated web presence for ICCF.  This has been enabled by the enhancement of the server into a fully featured content management system.

The benefits will be reduced maintenence and hosting costs, a reduction in duplication, and less confusion for players (in particular new players), ICCF officials, and potential sponsors.

Web requests to http://www.iccf.com/ will be redirected to the playing server from 1st October 2012.  Although every effort has been made to transfer all the important content from the old website, it is possible that some information has been missed.  If you are aware of any important web page, or download, currently hosted at iccf.com which does not yet exist on iccf-webchess.com, please inform the ICCF Services Director, Austin Lockwood (sd@iccf.com) as soon as possible and this information will be updated.

The old website will be kept online until 1st January 2013 under an alternative web address.  After this date a full backup will be taken for archival purposes and the site closed down.  No information from the current website will be permanently deleted.

Austin Lockwood
ICCF Services Director

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