FINJUB-50 tournament invitation

Monday, August 20, 2012: The Finnish Correspondence Federation is celebrating it's 50 years anniversary and is organising an International Open Tournament on webserver in three stages: Preliminaries, semifinals and Final

FINJUB-50 Jubilee

In celebration of  it's 50-year anniversary The Finnish Correspondence Chess Federation is organizing an International Open Tournament. The event will be played in three stages: Preliminaries, Semifinals and Final; webserver mode only.

Registration is now open for the Preliminary stage. Deadline for registration to the Preliminaries is 10/15/2012

1- Preliminaries

This stage will start on November 1., 2012. Groups will be composed by 7 players, time control will be 10/50 and there will be 30 days of leave per year as stated in the ICCF playing rules. The winner of each group will advance to the Semifinals, ties in points for first place will not be broken and both players will advance. Conditional moves will be allowed as well as live display with a 5-move delay.

Entry fee for the Preliminary stage will be 12 euros or 16 USD when registering for one group only. Fees have been reduced for multiple entries: 2 groups for 20 euros or 26,5 USD, 3 groups for 25 euros or 33 USD, 4 groups for 28 euros or 37 USD.

Entries may be sent by Paypal (esko.nuutilainen@pp.inet.fi) or EU-payment (IBAN: FI20 2065 1800 0794 65), to FCCF /The Finnish Correspondence Chess Federation.

Alternate methods of payment may be considered under special circumstances subject to approval by the tournament organizer. Contact the tournament organizer IA Leo Lahdenmäki (leo.lahdenmaki@gmail.com

2- Semifinals

To be started soon after the qualifiers from the Preliminaries are determined. Winners of preliminary groups will not pay any more entry fees to finish the event at any stage. Players ICCF rated equal or greater than 2350 (or title SIM or GM) will be allowed direct entry to the Semifinals upon payment of an entry fee. The entry for these players will be 20 euros or 26,5 USD. Semifinal groups will be composed of 7-9 players and the top 12-14 players from this stage (group winners and perhaps some best second placed players) will advance to the final stage.

Clarification: If a player rated 2350 or higher plays the preliminaries (one or multiple groups) and fails to qualify, he/she may register directly into the semifinals by paying an additional fee of 12 euros or 16 USD (and NOT the 20 euros or 26,5 USD that he/she would have paid had he/she not played the preliminaries). 

3- Final

The Final tournament will start soon after the qualifiers from the semifinals are determined. The Final event will be composed of 17 players, 13 of them will advance from the semifinals, and the other four will be high rated players (ICCF GM’s or SIM´s rated equal or greater than 2500) invited by the organizer to ensure a high tournament category and titles/norms.

The top 3  players in the Final (winner, second and third place) will receive cash prizes. Prizes will be determined based on the total number of entries (minimum 400 – 200 – 100 euros /530 - 265 – 133 USD). Prizes will be paid out within 2 weeks after the top 3 players are determined. Prizes will be paid by Paypal, EU-payment or Bank transfer. Delivery and currency conversion costs will be subtracted from the prize amount.

Do not delay registration in this special event and contact us now!

Preliminary Stage

1 group for 12 euros or 16 USD

2 groups for 20 euros or 26,5 USD

3 groups for 25 euros or 33 USD

4 groups for 28 euros or 37 USD

Questions of PayPal:  Esko Nuutilainen  esko.nuutilainen@pp.inet.fi

Questions of preliminaries or tournament rules: Tournament Director IA Leo Lahdenmäki    leo.lahdenmaki@gmail.com


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