Report#5 on Match Witold's Friends - Rest of the World

Thursday, January 19, 2012: Please see below for the latest update and verify yourself on the list. Don't wait! Apply for entry immediately! Only 10 days left!

Details of the match in the announcement (http://kszgk.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Announcement-match-Witolds-Friends-v.-Rest-of-the-World-updated.pdf).

The Polish Correspondence Chess Federation, with support of ICCF, is the organizer of the friendly match Witold’s Friends – Rest of the World.

This match is organized in a standard format with one opponent for each player and two games to play (one game with white and one game with black) and will be played on the ICCF webserver with a rate of play of 10 moves in 50 days or by post with a rate of play of 10 moves in 30 days. The event will be rated.

The tournament will start on 01.03.2012 with no end date.

Registration will close on 01.02.2012 to allow for pairings.

With just 1 week and a half remaining before 1st February 2012 closing date, we have 398 qualified entries from 389 players from 54 countries, including 74 entries from titled players (14xGM, 34xSIM, 23xIM, 1xLGM, 1xILM), with the highest rating 2579. World Champion Dr. Fritz Baumbach has favoured us as well, in addition twice: by server and by post!
Those countries with 10 or more entries are: Poland 50, Czech Republic 32, USA 32, Spain 27, Germany 23, England 20, Romania 19, Russia 18, Ukraine 15 and Lithuania 10.

URGENT! Several players entered few months ago and it is important for match organizer to be sure that their entries are still valid. National delegates (or responsible national representatives) and/or entrants are asked to verify list presented below and report immediately any inconsistency to match organizer.

Detailed report on the entries you can find at Polish cc website subpage (http://kszgk.com/bielecki/?page_id=36), especially designed for that purpose. Reports are published regularly and here you can find various summary tables.
All players are invited to apply. Players may enter in the usual way through their National Federations (NF) or, where eligible, directly to the match organizer. Entry is free of charge.

After creating possibility to register through ICCF webserver (see New Events) number of entries increased significantly. That's great!

In gratitude for Witold’s effort let us participate in this friendly match!


Amici sumus
Mariusz Wojnar
Match Organizer

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