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Monday, December 26, 2011: Chess 960 events are unrated

After the great success of 1st Chess 960 World Cup, ICCF is glad to announce the Chess 960 Events.  

Characteristics of those tournaments:
  • unrated
  • played on the webserver
  • PRELIMINARIES: groups of 5 players (double round robin, 8 games for each player)
  • FINALS: groups of 5 players (the winners of 5 preliminaries)
  • start-date: as soon as 5 entries have been received
  • entries: Direct Entry (14,30 Euro) and National Federations (9,00 Euro), only for preliminaries. No fee required for the qualified players to the final round.
  • time: 10 moves / 20 days.
  • the name of each winner of a final round will be published in the “hall of fame”
Please see the details how to play Chess 960 at:

http://www.iccf.com/content/downloads/CHESS960EVENTS.pdf for a description

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