ICCF Diamond Jubilee Webserver World Cup 18 - initiated

Saturday, October 1, 2011: Please see below for the latest update.

Details of the ICCF Diamond Jubilee Webserver World Cup 18 at: http://www.iccf-webchess.com/Message.aspx?message=358

After registration all entries were verified. Final report includes players with new ratings (from rating list 2011/4). Assumed rating for a player without a published rating at the beginning of a cup preliminary round is 1800, unless player’s FIDE rating is higher (12 cases).

One month after closing entries late withdrawals happened. That was very unfortunate, because pairings was made already. So final status of the entries is presented below.

Finally, we have 844 qualified entries from 685 players from 53 countries, including 101 entries from titled players (7xGM, 39xSIM, 55xIM), with the top rating 2565. Averege rating of all entries is 2115.
Those countries with 20 or more entries are :
-Germany 117,
-Russia 91,
-USA 58,
-Spain 54,
-Poland 53,
-Italy 52,
-England 38,
-France 26,
-Netherlands 25,
-Turkey 25,
-Czech Republic 23,
-Australia 22,
-Romania 21.

Detailed report you can find at new Polish cc website (http://kszgk.com/bielecki/?page_id=38), especially designed for that purpose. Here you can find various summary tables.

Final pairings was completed on 01.10.2011.

In the preliminary stage, in each group there is not more than:

  • 3 German or Russian players;
  • 2 American, Spanish, Polish or Italian players;
  • one player from any other country.

With that assumptions we managed to distribute players to groups with average rating from 2105 to 2124, close to average rating of all entries 2115.

We have 64 groups of 13 players and one group of 12 players. 2 players from each group will qualify for semifinals (around 142 entries in total including previous finalists), with 11 players going to a 13 player final (including former World Cup winners).

A player cannot achieve more than 2 qualificatons to semifinals and not more than one place in the final.

The start lists will be issued on 01.10.2011.

The official start date is 30.10.2011, when time counting will begin.

There is a fixed closing date of 01.06.2013.

We hope that it will be a very enjoyable tournament.

Amici sumus
Mariusz Wojnar
Central Tournament Leader


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