ICCF 19th Olympiad (Postal) - Tournament Announcement

Tuesday, December 14, 2010: Please see below for the recently published tournament announcement.


International Correspondence Chess Federation


Title Tournaments Commissioner

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                                                                                                                                                                 December 1st 2010 

Dear chessfriends, On behalf of the International Correspondence Chess Federation, I am pleased to announce the arrangements for the organisation of the 19th Correspondence Chess Team Championship. As decided by the ICCF Congress 2009 in Leeds, the preliminaries of the 19th ICCF Correspondence Chess Team Championship should start in 2011, providing that at least 18 teams apply.

It is planned to start preliminaries on March 10th, 2011,  All member National Federations are invited to enter teams to this event which will be played by post over two stages: Preliminary and Final The preliminaries will be played by Post, with optional play by Email if both players agree. The “ICCF Playing Rules Post - Individual and Team tournament games” (as amended by Pleven Congress) will apply. The tournament will be governed by Section 1.7 of the valid ICCF Tournament Rules. Paragraph 6.7(g) shall apply for the allocation of colours. 

Countries who have not met their 2009 financial obligations will not be allowed to take part, with one team from each country. At the discretion of the ICCF Executive Board, combined teams consisting of players from those countries with low levels of correspondence chess activity may be entered. There will be four (4) players in each team. A maximum of two (2) players may be replaced during the tournament.

Other provisions, such as the number of preliminary sections, promotional provisions etc., will be determined after ICCF has received the respective entries. The entry fee will be at the rate of € 17,00 per player, i.e. € 68,00 per team. Teams qualifying for Finals will not pay a further entry fee to the Final. Team entries should be sent via the national federation, exclusively by Email to the ICCF Title Tournaments Commissioner Marco Caressa ( ), to be received mcaressa@iccf.com not later than on January 20th, 2011. No replacements, board changes or any other modification to the team composition will be allowed after that date, unless exceptional circumstances occur.  

All entries should include the following details:-       preferred board order,-       names, ICCF codes and Postal addresses of all players in the team,-       name and Email address of the Team Captain. For title norm purposes, rating numbers will be taken from the the most recently available ICCF Rating List being applicable and / or from the current FIDE Rating List. FIDE ratings will be treated as “unfixed” for title norm purposes. Other players will be allocated provisional tournament ratings of 2200. The Tournament Directors will be decided later depending on the number of preliminary sections. 


Marco Caressa

ICCF Title Tournaments Commissioner

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