Server software updated today

Tuesday, March 9, 2010: The update contains important features for players, TDs, and other officials. Please read on for details.

Today the server software was updated to a new version. There was 12 minutes of downtime.

The new software version includes important features for players, TDs, and other officials:

Support of international characters

  • Names of players can now contain international characters (Unicode).
  • When searching for player names (for example on the rating list), these searches are now case insensitive, accent insensitive, kanatype insensitive and width insensitive. This means that if you search for a letter, search results can include the same letter with accents etc.

Time duplication improvements

  • If double time is applying, the time is shown in orange on the games list (columns time, opponent time, time days only, opponent time days only), the game screen (own time and opponent time), and the add time to clock screen.
  • If double time is applying, the text "(double time applying)" is displayed on the game screen.
  • If a tournament has time duplication enabled after n days, the server now sends an additional reminder email on the n+1th day.
  • Reminder emails contain the additional sentence "Double time is applying." if double time is applying.

Cross table improvements

  • Removed special cross table for single round Scheveningen and replaced with format for double round Scheveningen.
  • Scheveningen tables now display the team result below the cross table.
  • Order by place is now the default.
  • In the player settings, players can now choose to use order by place or start order as default.
  • Team cross tables can now be sorted by start order.
  • Added the columns +/-, FG, RG, and average ELO to the team cross tables.
  • For board cross tables, there is now only one row per team, even if player's were substituted. The row displays the substitute player, who is currently playing. The substituted players are listed below the cross table. In case of substitutions, games finished by substituted player(s) are now marked with an "O", and the legend shows "game finished by original player". If the event is rated, the additional message "The games finished by the substitute are rated according to rule 18 of the rating rules." is displayed below the cross table.
  • The short name of the tournament is now displayed on all cross tables at the top left, before the (long) name.
  • Team match tables now display the ratings of the players.

Extended rating information on the player details page

  • In the players details, on the ratings tab, there is now an additional button "Rating forecast".
  • Clicking this button causes the calculation of the rating forecast. The rating forecast is based on the finished games by the player, that will be evaluated for the next rating list.
  • The new rating, new number of games, and calculation is then displayed below the ratings table and graph.
  • Rating details can be displayed for each rating. This shows the games that were evaluated for the selected rating.
  • The last rating calculation can be displayed.

TD's leave and cover during absence

TD's can now take leave. A backup TD will take over the TD's responsibilities during the leave.

  • A user with role TD now has a new menu item "TD leave".
  • The TD can enter his TD leave similar to the take leave screen for players.
  • The leave taken is for all events where the TD is TD.
  • When creating or editing an event, on the TD tab, there is a new item "backup TD".
  • By default, the field is empty, which means the TO is the backup TD.
  • If the TD is on leave, there is a message on the game screen "TD is on leave".
  • If the TD is on leave, all email links are addressed to the backup TD, with cc to the TD.
  • If the TD is on leave, all email messages generated by the server are sent to the backup TD, with cc to the TD.
  • If the TD is on leave, the backup TD has TD rights.

Improved process for setting DE fees

  • On the edit event screen, registration tab, the "Direct Entry" setting is now displayed differently:
  • When creating an event, the setting displays a message, that you can apply for DE fees only after the event was saved.
  • When editing an event without DE fees, the setting displays a button "Apply for DE fees". When the button is clicked, the DE admin gets an email with the tournament name, TO name, TO email address, and a link to the "Edit fees" page for that event.
  • When editing an event with DE fees, the checkbox is displayed as before.
  • The option for the TO to edit fees himself was removed. Only the DE can edit fees.

Results report for TDs and NDs

  • TDs have a new menu item "TD results".
  • Officials of a NF (DE-contact, ND, email contact, other contact) now have a new menu item "NF results".
  • The results report for the TD shows all results from the events where he is TD.
  • The results report for the NF shows all results from the events under the NF header in "Tables and results", including events in sub-headers.
  • The results reports are limited to results of the last 100 days.
  • The report has links to the cross table and to the game on each row.

Support for national ratings

  • The RC can now enter a rating for a player with less than 12 games, which is considered a national rating.
  • The national rating is displayed with suffix "N" on the cross table, with an explanation in the legend below.
  • The national rating is displayed with suffix "National Rating" on the game screen.
  • The national rating is displayed accordingly on the start list email.
  • The national rating is copied to the next list, if the player still has less than 12 games. This is marked as such on the rating calculation report, and taken into account when copying the temporary ratings to the new rating list.

Finally, the event list in the player details is now sorted with the newest events first.
The software update also contains several bug fixes.

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