New Webserver thematic series

Tuesday, November 10, 2009: The Thematic Tournaments are unrated events

ICCF is glad to announce a new serie of thematic events. As a lot of players wish to play in thematics, ICCF is starting 5 new tournaments in which the entries will be always accepted and themes will be the most used opening lines; so you can check new ideas in the most frequently used openings.


Characteristics of those new tournaments:

  • unrated
  • played on the webserver
  • PRELIMINARIES: groups of 5 players (double round robin, 8 games for each player)
  • FINALS: groups of 5 players (the winners of 5 preliminaries)
  • start-date: as soon as 5 entries have been received
  • entries: Direct Entry and National Federations, only for preliminaries. No fee required for the qualified players to the final round.
  • the games are “secret” (other players can’t see the played moves)
  • the name of each winner of a final round will be published in the “hall of fame”

Please see the details of themes proposed at:


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