International Open Event »Slovenia's 15 Years Membership of ICCF«

Friday, September 12, 2008: Announcement

membership letter


Dear Chessfriends,

The Correspondence Chess Council within Slovenian Chess Federation is proud to announce
the International Open Tournament to celebrate the 15th anniversary of its affiliation to ICCF.
This event offers three rounds - Preliminary, Semifinal and Final rounds - and it is open to all
correspondence chess players in the world. For those who have an ICCF rating of at least
2350 at the beginning of the Semifinal round, it will be possible to enter the tournament
directly at that stage; however, entry fees will be somewhat higher then. All games will be
played exclusively through the ICCF web-server. Time control is shortened to 10 moves in 30
days, which is minimum reflection time necessary for games to be rated and for the
achievement of international titles to be acknowledged, according to the latest rules
established at the ICCF 2007 Congress in Benalmadena. Conditional moves are available. The
Tournament Director is Dr Danilo Korže.

The start date is 15 December 2008. The winner of each seven player group qualifies for the
next round. Every player can participate in up to three preliminary groups, however, only two
qualifications for the Semifinal round per player are possible.
All applications for the tournament should be sent by e-mail to Danilo Korže
(danilo.korze@gmail.com) not later than 31 October 2008, and the following
information should be supplied:
• Name and Surname
• ICCF rating (2008/2)
• E-mail address
• Number of tournaments (groups) applied for (up to 3)

Entry fee for each group is 5 Euros per player and should be made payable either using

  1. PayPal account: danilo.korze@gmail.com
  2. OR over bank transfer to the following account:

Bank: DEZELNA BANKA SLOVENIJE d.d., Kolodvorska ulica 9, 1000 Ljubljana, SLOVENIJA
IBAN: SI56191000010000463
Payee: Sahovska zveza Slovenije, Bravnicarjeva 13, 1000 Ljubljana
Purpose of transaction: Player's Name and Surname – ICCF_ID
*** All bank commissions should be paid by sender!

The tournaments of the second round will begin after the games of the first round have
finished, supposedly at the beginning of 2010. Additional entries will be available (entry fee
15 €, up to two entries) for those players whose ICCF rating is at least 2350 at that time.
There will be no entry fee for players who qualify from the Preliminary round. Groups of
seven players will be formed in the semifinal round as well. Every player can obtain only one
qualification for the Final round. The number of players to qualify from each group for the
Final round will be decided upon at the beginning of the second round.

The final tournament will begin as soon as all the finalists are known - presumably in 2011.
Awards fund for the best five players is 1,500 € (500 €, 400 €, 300 €, 200 €, 100 €).
All chessfriends are most kindly invited to take part in this event and together with us
celebrate our 15th anniversary!

Respectfully yours,

The Correspondence Chess Council within Slovenian Chess Federation
Danilo Korže

by helpdesk@iccf-webchess.com

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