Money Prize Tournament Announcement

Wednesday, November 7, 2007: ICCF Announces Money Prize Tournaments

ICCF Money Prize Tournaments Announcement



The ICCF Money Prize Tournaments is a new tournament format specifically approved at the ICCF 2007 Congress.  These are tournament sections where entries are continuously accepted.  These tournaments are offered only through the ICCF web-server and follows all web-server playing rules.  The Money Prize Tournaments fall under the responsibility of the Non-Title Tournaments Commissioner.


Responsible Officials

World Tournament Director – Frank Geider

Non-Title Tournaments Commissioner – Valer-Eugen Demian

Tournament Officer - Søren Peschardt

Direct Entry Administrator – Michael Millstone



Process - Entry into this tournament may only be made through Direct Entry.  Interested players may access the ICCF "New Events" web site at http://www.iccf-webchess.com/EventsAnnouncements.aspx and click, "Enter" at the far right column to start the application process.


Eligibility – Any player, regardless of membership of any ICCF Member Federation, may submit applications to play in this tournament.



Each section will be formed with 9 players.  Sections will be formed without regard to player ratings but as random as possible given the number of entrants.


Rating and Title Norms

It is the intent to have sections ICCF rated within the provisions of the ICCF rating rules.  Non-rated players will receive a provisional rating of 2000.  Players will be eligible for Title Norms if the minimum requirements are met as published by the Qualifications Commissioner.


Entry Fee

The entry fee will be 40 CHF per player (or the equivalent in other offered currencies), payable only by Direct Entry.  Each Member Federation will receive 3 CHF in credit for each eligible player entering this tournament.


Time Control

These tournaments will be conducted at the pace of 10 moves in 30 days.  Conditional moves will be available in this tournament.



First Place – 200 CHF or the equivalent currency

Second Place – 100 CHF or equivalent currency


Standard tie-breaks (S-B, then Head-to-Head) will be utilized.  If standard tie-breaks do not resolve the tie, the appropriate prize money will be split.


Note: Payments will be made via Direct Entry PayPal in reverse order, i.e., to the e-mail address that provided the tournament entry fee.  Winning players are responsible for notifying the Direct Entry Administrator of any changes prior to payout.


Note: Subject to currency exchange fees and service charges, the prize money paid may be slightly higher or lower than stated.  The Direct Entry Administrator will attempt to minimize variations.

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