ICCF European Individual Promotion Tournament – Master Class

Thursday, October 19, 2006: from 1st January 2011


ICCF European Individual Promotion Tournament – Master Class
The Master Class tournament is the top level of ICCF Promotion tournaments. These are regularly started tournament sections where entries are continuously accepted. Master Class tournaments are offered via postal and server. The Master Class tournament falls under the responsibility of the Non-Title Tournaments Commissioner. Winner of the Master Class section receives a full qualification point and is qualified to enter the Semi-Final of the European Correspondence Chess Championship. Players achieving 2nd place in this Master Class tournament will receive a half qualification to enter a Semi-Final section. European tournaments are reserved to European players.
 Postal & Server  Leonardo Madonia
Entry into this tournament may be made via your National Federation.
Size - Master Class sections typically consist of 11 players
Rating - Games played in this tournament are rated for the ICCF rating list.
 Entry into a Master Class tournament is offered to: 
(a) a player rated 2100 or above at the time of application.
(b) a player who has won a Higher-class tournament is entitled to one start in the Master class, regardless of rating.
(c) a player without an ICCF rating who is nominated by the National Federation and accompanied by a statement of qualification.

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