All games from WC15/WS59 with status Finished


Csjernyik, JánSchweer, Carsten Draw 8/26/2007 Go to game
Johnston, AllanCsjernyik, Ján Black wins 8/1/2007 Go to game
Csjernyik, JánKayser, Pierrot White wins 4/3/2007 Go to game
Somogyi, JuergenCsjernyik, Ján Draw 2/23/2007 Go to game
Csjernyik, JánRuiz-Jarabo, Francisco Draw 1/10/2008 Go to game
Andersen, Lars KirsteinCsjernyik, Ján Black wins 12/4/2007 Go to game
Csjernyik, JánWood, Ben A. White wins 11/30/2006 Go to game
Kurpnieks, VairisCsjernyik, Ján Black wins 5/19/2008 Go to game
Schweer, CarstenJohnston, Allan White wins 12/20/2007 Go to game
Kayser, PierrotSchweer, Carsten Draw 9/10/2007 Go to game
Schweer, CarstenSomogyi, Juergen White wins 8/20/2007 Go to game
Ruiz-Jarabo, FranciscoSchweer, Carsten Draw 6/6/2007 Go to game
Schweer, CarstenAndersen, Lars Kirstein Draw 10/7/2007 Go to game
Wood, Ben A.Schweer, Carsten Black wins 1/22/2007 Go to game
Schweer, CarstenKurpnieks, Vairis White wins 4/1/2008 Go to game
Johnston, AllanKayser, Pierrot Black wins 7/5/2007 Go to game
Somogyi, JuergenJohnston, Allan White wins 11/23/2007 Go to game
Johnston, AllanRuiz-Jarabo, Francisco Black wins 7/11/2007 Go to game
Andersen, Lars KirsteinJohnston, Allan White wins 7/5/2007 Go to game
Johnston, AllanWood, Ben A. White wins 11/26/2006 Go to game
Kurpnieks, VairisJohnston, Allan Draw 2/11/2008 Go to game
Kayser, PierrotSomogyi, Juergen Draw 9/12/2007 Go to game
Ruiz-Jarabo, FranciscoKayser, Pierrot White wins 3/20/2007 Go to game
Kayser, PierrotAndersen, Lars Kirstein Draw 3/2/2007 Go to game
Wood, Ben A.Kayser, Pierrot Black wins 1/2/2007 Go to game
Kayser, PierrotKurpnieks, Vairis White wins 11/18/2007 Go to game
Somogyi, JuergenRuiz-Jarabo, Francisco Draw 5/12/2007 Go to game
Andersen, Lars KirsteinSomogyi, Juergen Draw 12/2/2006 Go to game
Somogyi, JuergenWood, Ben A. White wins 12/16/2006 Go to game
Kurpnieks, VairisSomogyi, Juergen White defaulted 5/20/2008 Go to game
Ruiz-Jarabo, FranciscoAndersen, Lars Kirstein White wins 1/27/2007 Go to game
Wood, Ben A.Ruiz-Jarabo, Francisco Black wins 12/8/2006 Go to game
Ruiz-Jarabo, FranciscoKurpnieks, Vairis Draw 12/15/2007 Go to game
Andersen, Lars KirsteinWood, Ben A. White wins 1/27/2007 Go to game
Kurpnieks, VairisAndersen, Lars Kirstein Draw 5/24/2007 Go to game
Wood, Ben A.Kurpnieks, Vairis Black wins 3/15/2007 Go to game

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