All games from 8th Webchess Open Tournament prel 59 with status Finished


Aymard, MichelGerlinger, Uwe-Michael Draw 6/16/2023 Go to game
Wydornik, RobertAymard, Michel Draw 4/17/2023 Go to game
Aymard, MichelPinos Rubio, Roberto Black wins 12/14/2022 Go to game
Rets, YriyAymard, Michel Draw 2/18/2023 Go to game
Aymard, MichelMoyses, Michael Draw 11/26/2022 Go to game
Clawson, JamesAymard, Michel Draw 12/20/2022 Go to game
Gerlinger, Uwe-MichaelWydornik, Robert Draw 1/22/2023 Go to game
Pinos Rubio, RobertoGerlinger, Uwe-Michael White wins 4/21/2023 Go to game
Gerlinger, Uwe-MichaelRets, Yriy Draw 4/12/2023 Go to game
Moyses, MichaelGerlinger, Uwe-Michael White wins 6/3/2023 Go to game
Gerlinger, Uwe-MichaelClawson, James White wins 6/15/2023 Go to game
Wydornik, RobertPinos Rubio, Roberto Draw 1/3/2023 Go to game
Rets, YriyWydornik, Robert Draw 3/1/2023 Go to game
Wydornik, RobertMoyses, Michael Draw 11/13/2022 Go to game
Clawson, JamesWydornik, Robert Draw 11/8/2022 Go to game
Pinos Rubio, RobertoRets, Yriy Draw 1/3/2023 Go to game
Moyses, MichaelPinos Rubio, Roberto Draw 11/13/2022 Go to game
Pinos Rubio, RobertoClawson, James Draw 11/30/2022 Go to game
Rets, YriyMoyses, Michael Draw 11/9/2022 Go to game
Clawson, JamesRets, Yriy Black wins 11/9/2022 Go to game
Moyses, MichaelClawson, James White wins 11/2/2022 Go to game

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