All games from 8th Webchess Open Tournament prel 33 with status Finished


Pinos Rubio, RobertoSchmitt, Dariusz Draw 2/19/2023 Go to game
Hjorth, JesperPinos Rubio, Roberto Black wins 1/3/2023 Go to game
Pinos Rubio, RobertoClaus, Jens White wins 2/11/2023 Go to game
Sharpe, SamPinos Rubio, Roberto Draw 4/9/2023 Go to game
Pinos Rubio, RobertoRozo, Richard Draw 4/2/2023 Go to game
Nimylovych, TarasPinos Rubio, Roberto Draw 3/9/2023 Go to game
Schmitt, DariuszHjorth, Jesper White wins 3/13/2023 Go to game
Claus, JensSchmitt, Dariusz Draw 9/10/2023 Go to game
Schmitt, DariuszSharpe, Sam Draw 3/14/2023 Go to game
Rozo, RichardSchmitt, Dariusz Draw 1/27/2023 Go to game
Schmitt, DariuszNimylovych, Taras Draw 2/22/2023 Go to game
Hjorth, JesperClaus, Jens Draw 4/7/2023 Go to game
Sharpe, SamHjorth, Jesper White wins 2/2/2023 Go to game
Hjorth, JesperRozo, Richard Draw 6/9/2023 Go to game
Nimylovych, TarasHjorth, Jesper White wins 3/13/2023 Go to game
Claus, JensSharpe, Sam Black wins 2/12/2023 Go to game
Rozo, RichardClaus, Jens Black wins 8/4/2023 Go to game
Claus, JensNimylovych, Taras Black wins 2/12/2023 Go to game
Sharpe, SamRozo, Richard Draw 4/25/2023 Go to game
Nimylovych, TarasSharpe, Sam Draw 4/13/2023 Go to game
Rozo, RichardNimylovych, Taras Black wins 8/11/2023 Go to game

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