All games from USCF/WS/22VP08 with status Finished


Perkins, KeleJacobs Jr., Charles Black wins 11/18/2022 Go to game
Dudley, MichaelPerkins, Kele Black wins 12/4/2022 Go to game
Perkins, KeleCivan, Ethan D. Draw 9/11/2022 Go to game
Irons, RobertPerkins, Kele White wins 11/11/2022 Go to game
Perkins, KeleChirillo, John Draw 9/27/2022 Go to game
Bougher, JamesPerkins, Kele Draw 8/9/2022 Go to game
Jacobs Jr., CharlesDudley, Michael White wins 9/25/2022 Go to game
Civan, Ethan D.Jacobs Jr., Charles Black wins 10/9/2022 Go to game
Jacobs Jr., CharlesIrons, Robert Draw 12/14/2022 Go to game
Chirillo, JohnJacobs Jr., Charles Draw 12/15/2022 Go to game
Jacobs Jr., CharlesBougher, James White wins 12/13/2022 Go to game
Dudley, MichaelCivan, Ethan D. Black wins 9/25/2022 Go to game
Irons, RobertDudley, Michael White wins 8/22/2022 Go to game
Dudley, MichaelChirillo, John Black wins 8/15/2022 Go to game
Bougher, JamesDudley, Michael White wins 12/26/2022 Go to game
Civan, Ethan D.Irons, Robert Black wins 10/24/2022 Go to game
Chirillo, JohnCivan, Ethan D. White wins 10/3/2022 Go to game
Civan, Ethan D.Bougher, James Black wins 6/5/2023 Go to game
Irons, RobertChirillo, John Draw 8/28/2022 Go to game
Bougher, JamesIrons, Robert Draw 11/9/2022 Go to game
Chirillo, JohnBougher, James Draw 6/3/2023 Go to game

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