All games from European Server Championship 2022, Preliminary 15 with status Finished


Darnaux, PascalColotti, Cinzia Draw 9/30/2022 Go to game
Liutaia, LidiiaDarnaux, Pascal Draw 2/19/2023 Go to game
Darnaux, PascalŠileika, Arvydas Draw 12/3/2022 Go to game
Kolanowski, MarekDarnaux, Pascal Draw 10/17/2022 Go to game
Darnaux, PascalVries, René de Draw 11/25/2022 Go to game
Traut, GerhardDarnaux, Pascal Draw 9/5/2022 Go to game
Darnaux, PascalGutkind, Kedem Draw 1/17/2023 Go to game
Cuccumini, VittorioDarnaux, Pascal Draw 8/1/2023 Go to game
Darnaux, PascalMocholí Velert, Vicente Draw 11/6/2022 Go to game
Daróczy, SándorDarnaux, Pascal Draw 10/17/2022 Go to game
Colotti, CinziaLiutaia, Lidiia Draw 12/29/2022 Go to game
Šileika, ArvydasColotti, Cinzia Draw 10/30/2022 Go to game
Colotti, CinziaKolanowski, Marek Draw 10/29/2022 Go to game
Vries, René deColotti, Cinzia Draw 12/23/2022 Go to game
Colotti, CinziaTraut, Gerhard Draw 9/12/2022 Go to game
Gutkind, KedemColotti, Cinzia Draw 2/23/2023 Go to game
Colotti, CinziaCuccumini, Vittorio White wins 12/25/2022 Go to game
Mocholí Velert, VicenteColotti, Cinzia Draw 12/1/2022 Go to game
Colotti, CinziaDaróczy, Sándor Draw 12/8/2022 Go to game
Liutaia, LidiiaŠileika, Arvydas White wins 7/9/2023 Go to game
Kolanowski, MarekLiutaia, Lidiia Draw 4/2/2023 Go to game
Liutaia, LidiiaVries, René de Draw 3/22/2023 Go to game
Traut, GerhardLiutaia, Lidiia Draw 3/5/2023 Go to game
Liutaia, LidiiaGutkind, Kedem Draw 9/30/2023 Go to game
Cuccumini, VittorioLiutaia, Lidiia Black wins 5/26/2023 Go to game
Liutaia, LidiiaMocholí Velert, Vicente Draw 3/29/2023 Go to game
Daróczy, SándorLiutaia, Lidiia Draw 3/28/2023 Go to game
Šileika, ArvydasKolanowski, Marek Draw 2/1/2023 Go to game
Vries, René deŠileika, Arvydas White wins 2/22/2023 Go to game
Šileika, ArvydasTraut, Gerhard Draw 11/28/2022 Go to game
Gutkind, KedemŠileika, Arvydas Draw 12/19/2022 Go to game
Šileika, ArvydasCuccumini, Vittorio White wins 3/10/2023 Go to game
Mocholí Velert, VicenteŠileika, Arvydas White wins 6/30/2023 Go to game
Šileika, ArvydasDaróczy, Sándor Draw 12/18/2022 Go to game
Kolanowski, MarekVries, René de Draw 12/21/2022 Go to game
Traut, GerhardKolanowski, Marek Draw 10/27/2022 Go to game
Kolanowski, MarekGutkind, Kedem Draw 1/9/2023 Go to game
Cuccumini, VittorioKolanowski, Marek Draw 9/22/2022 Go to game
Kolanowski, MarekMocholí Velert, Vicente Draw 10/24/2022 Go to game
Daróczy, SándorKolanowski, Marek Draw 3/1/2023 Go to game
Vries, René deTraut, Gerhard White wins 2/14/2023 Go to game
Gutkind, KedemVries, René de Draw 5/29/2023 Go to game
Vries, René deCuccumini, Vittorio Black wins 3/19/2023 Go to game
Mocholí Velert, VicenteVries, René de White wins 5/31/2023 Go to game
Vries, René deDaróczy, Sándor Draw 3/3/2023 Go to game
Traut, GerhardGutkind, Kedem Draw 1/11/2023 Go to game
Cuccumini, VittorioTraut, Gerhard Draw 8/13/2022 Go to game
Traut, GerhardMocholí Velert, Vicente Draw 11/27/2022 Go to game
Daróczy, SándorTraut, Gerhard Draw 10/17/2022 Go to game
Gutkind, KedemCuccumini, Vittorio White wins 5/20/2023 Go to game


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